'Cloak and Dagger' season 2 finale will see Tandy and Tyrone face their fears to fight Andre

'Cloak and Dagger' season 2 finale will see Tandy and Tyrone face their fears to fight Andre

'Cloak and Dagger' season 2 is coming to an end and with it, Andre Deschaine's (Brooklyn McLinn) rule over people's despair will too. Tandy Bowen (Olivia Holt) and Tyrone Johnson (Aubrey Joseph) have not only been fighting their personal demons but also come across a man who has received powers from the same source as them - the Roxxon rig explosion.

In this season, Tandy was up against a human trafficking ring which exploited women who have faced domestic abuse while Tyrone has been trying to find a way to get the truth about officer Fuch's (Lane Miller) out there. The finale of the second season will be a culmination of how they beat Andre and come out on top despite self-doubt and fear of not being good enough. 

A still of Tyrone and Tandy in episode 10, 'Cloak and Dagger' season 2. (Source: Freeform)

The episode titled 'Level Up' is also expected to showcase how Tandy, Tyrone, Evita (Noëlle Renée Bercy), and Mayhem will evolve after facing Andre and hopefully beat him at his own game. The previous episode, 'Blue Note,' gave us an insight into how Andre transformed into D'Spayre as he sought to hit the one note in music that would take him closer to being a God.


His veve, which appeared every time Andre had his migraine as explained by Evita's late aunt Chantelle (Angela Davis), gave him a way to pursue the perfection of a blue note while battling the mind-numbing migraines. What makes him interesting as a villain against Tandy and Tyrone is his expertise in manipulating their fear and doubt.

Be it the first time he killed Tandy's hope or had Tyrone doubt Tandy's sincerity, even if it only lasted a moment, he is someone who will not be beaten easily. In the first season, the showdown was more against a figure, a proverbial bad entity when compared to Andre. The showdown is hence going to be more a battle of wits as the two will have to face their fears to break Andre down, and so, it will only be more intense. 

This also brings us to the role Mayhem (Emma Lahana) will play in bringing down Andre. Other than Tandy, she has been the one to closely follow the trails of the missing women, collecting clues, which led to Andre's truth. In fact, when Andy was stuck at the Viking Motel with Lia Dewan (Dilshad Vadsaria) and Andre, Mayhem helped Tyrone from the Rabbit Hole with regards to finding Tandy's whereabouts.


This episode will also mark how and if Tandy and Tyrone will work with Mayhem in the future. The final episode of the season will air Thursday on Freeform. 

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