'Cloak and Dagger' season 2 episode 7 makes Tandy realize how precious her relationship with Tyrone is

'Cloak and Dagger' season 2 episode 7 makes Tandy realize how precious her relationship with Tyrone is

What do you do when you are trapped deep down where there is no hope or light and all the wrong that you ever did in the past comes back to haunt you and eat at you? Tandy Bown (Olivia Holt) in 'Cloak and Dagger' is in this exact place and the only person who can help her cross this hurdle is none other than herself.

She had given up her hope in the last episode when Andre Deschain manipulated her into believing that Tyrone was shot because of her. By giving up her hope, she gave up the dagger and when she woke up, she was defenseless without her weapon. All that she remembered, was turning away from Tyrone before she was captured by Deschain (Brooklyn Mclinn). 

Tandy and Andre at the Viking Motel in 'Cloak and Dagger' season 2 episode 7. (Source: Freeform)

In this episode titled 'Vikingtown Sound' Tandy wakes up to realize she is now a victim of the same human trafficking ring she was hellbent on stopping. She needs help to escape and every time she tries, Lia Dewan (Dilshad Vadsaria) stops her and even tries to make her doubt her friendship with Tyrone and also her relationship with her mother.

Tyrone, on the other hand, has realized Tandy is missing and comes in contact with Andre while trying to track her down. Andre manages to manipulate Tyrone but an unexpected savior appears in the form of Mayhem.

If you recall, in one of the earlier episodes when Tandy traveled into the cloak to get clues about the case from Mayhem, the two had discovered the record shop, which Andre uses to manipulate the girls that he and his partner Lia kidnap.

Now, Mayhem wrecks Andre's plan, clues Tyrone in about Tandy's situation and has him reaching out to rescue her. This, Andre doesn't expect as he is too concerned about the mindnumbing headaches he gets because of the Roxxon rig explosion. He even goes to the extent of reaching out to Evita's aunt about the "veve" (signs that practitioners of voodoo use) that he sees when he gets these massive headaches. 

The important thing to note about this episode is how Tandy did get help from Tyrone, yes, but the fate of getting back her dagger depended solely on her. She had to convince a girl who had no hopes whatsoever in life, that there is more to it than she can imagine.


She had to break down the wall Andre had built in her mind, which was further cemented by Lia, to get her dagger back and when she did, nothing could stop her. Tyrone coming to help her also makes her realize their friendship is precious but when he drops down in a mist of darkness, she is as shocked as us.

Is the Darkforce realm finally devouring Tyrone? We will have to wait for the next episode to see what's up!

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