'Cloak and Dagger' season 2 episode 6 sees Tandy seeking Tyrone's help to deal with the illusions

'Cloak and Dagger' season 2 episode 6 sees Tandy seeking Tyrone's help to deal with the illusions

We saw Tandy Bowen (Olivia Holt) tell a story about her hero, Tyrone Johnson (Aubrey Joseph) in the fifth episode, in what seemed to be an alternate reality. She was a prima ballerina, he graduated to become the police officer for New Orleans and things seemed to be perfect, only almost. What could've been Tandy and Tyrone's life begins to appear to crack when Tandy realizes that something is not right. We know for a fact that Tandy was trying on her own to figure who was moving the missing girls in an ambulance before Lia tricked her, tasered and drugged her. All of Tandy's what-ifs are only in her head and she needs to break away from the illusion if she wants to help those girls. 

Tandy toasting her friend Tyrone in 'Cloak and Dagger' season 2 episode 6. (Source: Freeform)

The episode concentrates on Tandy's psychological struggles and it is interesting because every scenario that she is thrown into sees Tyrone play her savior, which helps her realize that none of this is real. She also begins to see a person in the background skulking in the shadows and finds it disturbing. What is happening in real life is that Lia and surprisingly Andre Deschaine (Brooklyn McLinn) are trying to break Tandy down to make sure that she remains drugged and the only way to do that is to kill all the hopes in her that drives her life. For Dagger, whose ability is to look into the hopes of people, this is almost like a death sentence for her superpowers and all that remains in the way of achieving this is Tyrone. 

Tandy is initially unaware that she is being psychologically influenced in 'Cloak and Dagger' season 2 episode 6. (Source: Freeform)

The episode also harks back to the time when Tandy came across a music shop in Tyrone's cloak when she was trying to bring back Mayhem. The shop which had vinyl records of all the missing girls? It is run by another individual who also seems to be borrowing powers from the Dark Dimension, quite similar to Tyrone. Tandy and Tyrone are unaware that there was one more person that night when the Roxxon rig broke down, who received special powers and he is the man who is at the helm of the sex trafficking ring. It is not just drug dealers and thugs that Tandy is dealing with anymore and Tyrone in real life is unaware of what is really happening to Tandy. While in the first season Tyrone was pulled into Tandy's dangerous situations without any warning, this time he probably remains grounded with his own big problem - Connors. 


'B-Side', as the title of the episode suggests, doesn't delve into Tyrone but Tandy's other side. Her fears, doubts and everything that can wreak havoc in her mind is used to break her down and voluntarily give up hope and the man who is orchestrating all of this has found the perfect way to make her give up on life itself if needed. 

Tyrone will be used to influence Tandy is giving up her hope in 'Cloak and Dagger' season 2 episode 6. (Source: Freeform)

We have always known that Tyrone serves as Tandy's moral compass and has become a friend that she could always lean on. She does consider him her hero in real life too and with his support, she still holds on to some form of hope. To kill Tyrone, would be to kill Tandy and when the shots are fired, we see Tandy giving up her dagger because she has reached the pits of darkness after seeing her best friend killed. Only, did Tyrone really die? While initially, she was certain that these things were some form of hallucination, when it comes to Tyrone, it doesn't strike her odd that she would be able to end up in the dilapidated church in a moment's notice. Or that Tyrone doesn't defend himself. For her, everything comes down to that one moment - Tyrone being shot down. So now, it is left to him to pull her back from the depths of misery and instill hope in her again to bring down the sex trafficking ring. 

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