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'Cloak and Dagger' season 2 episode 5 sees Tyrone and Tandy discover some unpleasant secrets. Will this drive them apart?

In 'Cloak and Dagger' season 2 episode 5 titled 'Alignment Chart' Tandy and Tyrone find themselves growing apart due to their differences.

In the last episode of 'Cloak and Dagger', we saw Tandy go inside the cloak to bring back Mayhem and Connors to find a new clue to the missing girls' investigation as well as a solution to Tyrone's 'wanted for murder' situation. After all, it was Connors who had murdered officer Fuchs, not Tyrone, but the police officers think he is a cop killer and they are ready to do anything to get their hands on him to exact revenge. The only problem, Tandy brings Connors back, but Mayhem (Brigid O'Reilly) is still stuck inside Tyrone's Cloak. Tyrone is angry that Tandy would bring back the man who killed his brother and Tandy does try to explain that it was a mistake, but Tyrone is wary of her by now. 

Tandy is on a hunt for a clue that will help her solve the case of the missing homeless girls in 'Cloak and Dagger' season 2. (Source: Freeform)

It is interesting how 'Cloak and Dagger's' new season started off by showing Tyrone and Tandy getting closer but started to build up towards how different they were and why their differences could essentially drive them apart. This episode especially highlights this point when Tandy fails to turn up when Tyrone needs her help but instead manipulates him to help create a facade to find common ground with Lia, a girl who could supposedly give her new information on the kidnappers because one of them is her ex-boyfriend. Tyrone is tired of Tandy's behavior and even goes as far as to say that maybe he doesn't need her at all. 

Tyrone has found Connors and is now dealing with the repercussions of Tandy bringing him back in 'Cloak and Dagger' season 2. (Source: Freeform)

In the meantime, he managed to capture Connors who is a changed man after living in a waking nightmare for over eight months. He reveals the most important information that will drive the direction of the season. It is about the man who helped him when he had shot Tyrone's brother. How there is a secret society of influential men who meet and help each other out of tough situations and says that the only way that Tyrone can be proved innocent is if he gets his hands on a file that this man keeps, which he has quite appropriately named the 'Monopoly File'.  This is Tyrone's get-out-of-jail-free card, says Connors, but should Tyrone really believe him? Who is to say that Connors is not looking for the file himself and is putting on a show of being a changed man?  He takes the help of his father to keep a check on Connors while contemplating his next move. 

Tandy has finally found common ground with Lia to get information about the drug dealer in 'Cloak and Dagger' season 2. (Source: Freeform)

Tandy, after having manipulated Tyrone has managed to find common ground with Lia and gets information about her ex-boyfriend who might have leads on the people who deals drugs to the men who kidnap homeless girls. And here's when both Tyrone and Tandy head out on their own without the other. While they both want justice, their idea of what it means and how to get it completely different. Tyrone is out to get the file, while Tandy heads out to find who Lia's ex-boyfriend is. Only, Tyrone has the help of Brigid, while Tandy is on her own. Where is this headed? The clue lies in the story that Tandy narrates of the farmer and a viper during a storm. All of this comes together at an opportune moment in the episode and it is an interesting narrative juxtaposition. 

In fact, this is something that you would see in each of the previous episodes as well - the one moment that brings clarity to the entire episode and adds value to the show as a whole. Tyrone and Tandy also prove that they are not dependent on each other and can get things done on their own without the presence of the other, breaking the notion of dependence between Cloak and Dagger. All of this with the help of some great background score makes 'Cloak and Dagger' quite a show to watch out for. 

In the meanwhile, before Brigid steps out to help Tyrone, we see her trying to get a handle on who she is in the present. In the absence of rage, aggression and the side of her that helps her pull the trigger when necessary, she breaks down and even refuses to help Tyrone who initially finds her after he realizes that Connors is back. Even as she tries to find her aggressive self by trying to relearn everything, she is unsure and underconfident and Mayhem's character arc has only got more interesting. Will Brigid and Mayhem be able to come together and strike a balance? That is something that I cannot wait to see!