'Cloak and Dagger' season 2 finale is a visual symphony of Tandy and Tyrone coming together to beat D'Spayre

'Cloak and Dagger' season 2 finale is a visual symphony of Tandy and Tyrone coming together to beat D'Spayre

Spoilers ahead for 'Cloak and Dagger' season 2, episode 10.

The last episode of Marvel's 'Cloak and Dagger' season 2 was a lot of things but what stands out most was the visually rich storytelling with the aid of some amazing background scores. Since the beginning of the season, one of the impressive things about the show has been the music, used not just as a mere filler but as an aid in plot progression.

Take for instance the jazz music used in the previous episode titled 'Blue Note', or in the finale when Tandy Bowen (Olivia Holt) and Tyrone Johnson (Aubrey Joseph) fight Andre Deschaine's (Brooklyn McLinn) manipulation to the beat of a soft but pulsating folksy track; everything comes together to form a complete picture. It is not just the music, the cinematography and editing in the last episode played a big part in keeping you hooked on to find out how exactly Tandy and Ty plan to fight the newest monster on the block.

This fight was not just powerful kicks and jabs. Of course, they go a long way to help Tandy and Ty one-up Andre's plan, but it is the battle of wits that provided the necessary highlight for the audience in the finale of this rich and powerful season. In episode 10, Tandy and Tyrone are out to stop Deschaine from wiping out the city to fulfill his dream of hitting the Blue Note, the note he thinks will get him closer to God.


He also believes that hitting this note might be the only way to stop his migraines from occurring, but to continue performing, he has to crush the hopes of a lot of people and that’s when things go haywire. One by one, people start falling off of the face of Earth, literally, only to appear in Andre’s world where he continues to play his trumpet.

Olivia Holt and Aubrey Joseph in 'Cloak and Dagger' season 2, episode 10. (Source: Freeform)

Tandy’s mother Melissa Bowen (Andrea Roth), Mikayla, and most recently, Dr. Mena Hess (Ally Maki) also disappear. This prompts Tandy to reach out to Evita (Noëlle Renée Bercy), the new priestess of Vodun, to stop Andre and Tyrone warily follows. The plan is to take Ty into the Darkforce Dimension by using his cloak as a doorway. The only problem is the entry to Andre’s record store, the viewfinder is destroyed. Papa Legba, the Voodoo god who lets them enter the record store for a price is missing as well.


All the self-doubt Tandy kept buried deep within about not being good enough to be a hero who saves the world, boils over until she finally addresses it when she is with Ty. Why is Tandy’s self-worth tied to her being the Dagger? And how does she battle with her self-doubt - not being good enough every day in the presence of someone such as Ty?

Since the beginning of the show, every time Tyrone or Tandy fall into depths of sorrow because of self-doubt and inner conflict, they help each other and the secret to beating someone like Andre who has pretty much transformed into D'Spayre lies in Cloak and Dagger not only collaborating but understanding, supporting and trusting each other. The episode itself builds layer by layer to show us how much they see the good in the other even while they struggle to identify within themselves.

A still of Tyrone and Tandy in episode 10, 'Cloak and Dagger' season 2. (Source: Freeform)

For instance, before the two of them face Andre directly, they have to fight what they fear most in life. Tandy has always feared coming to terms with the truth about her father, about how abusive he was towards her mother. Ty, on the other hand, feared the expectations that came with being a black young man with a privilege not everyone could afford. While initially, the two are hesitant and even nervous about facing their fears, they do find a way.

The scene that flits between Tandy and Ty is probably one of the best scenes of the season, followed by the one where they both level up. Hence, the episode is quite appropriately titled 'Level Up'. The finale also sets it up perfectly for another season, but this time, 'Cloak and Dagger' will probably be away from home. 

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