'Cloak and Dagger' Season 2: Here's how Tyrone and Tandy's divine pairing has evolved over the previous season

'Cloak and Dagger' season 2 is set to premiere April 4 with Tyrone Johnson and Tandy Bowen getting stronger each day as a divine pairing

                            'Cloak and Dagger' Season 2: Here's how Tyrone and Tandy's divine pairing has evolved over the previous season

'Cloak and Dagger', the Marvel series being aired on Freeform has two teenagers as lead characters. Tyrone Johnson (Aubrey Johnson) and Tandy Bowen's (Olivia Holt) source of power is the same - the burst of energy that erupted after the Roxxon rig collapsed.

However, the two have opposite powers - while Tyrone's alter-ego as Cloak manipulates a different realm as he moves back and forth, it is darker compared to Dagger's light. Cloak senses people's fears, while Dagger senses their hopes. They are two sides of a coin and the source of their energy has been theorized to be a mix of Lightforce and Darkforce.

A still of Tandy Bowen in 'Cloak and Dagger' season 2. (Source: Freeform)
A still of Tandy Bowen in 'Cloak and Dagger' season 2. (Source: Freeform)

Speaking about the beginning of this partnership, executive producer Joe Pokaski told Newsweek, "The very beginning was about my respect for their relationship. A one and two, and you don’t actually see that in the comics very often. You see a sidekick relationship, something where there is a bit of a power dynamic. The reason I love Tandy and Tyrone is because if growing up as a teenager is about nobody understanding, these two are the next step, it’s about, there is exactly one person who understands me."

While Cloak is closer to the Darkforce, he hasn't been consumed by it like Agent Carter or the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. This is assumed to be because there is an influence of Lightforce in Cloak, and this could be connected to Vodun's Divine Pairing theory.

Speaking of the theory -- it was first mentioned in episode 6 of the first season by Chantelle (Angela Davis), Evita Fusilier's (Noëlle Renée Bercy) aunt who practices voodoo. This is also when she first predicts the fate of New Orleans in the face of Roxxon working on another rig to pump up energy, which many thought was oil.

"One will live, and One will die," Chantelle said was the only way to save New Orleans. But here's the thing - Tandy and Tyrone managed to escape the fate that was predestined for them. The executive producer of the show Joe Pokaski even confirmed in a post-finale interview, the curse of the Divine Pairing has been broken.

He told TV Line: "They have broken the curse. We’re very excited about the idea of the next generation saving us all. We talked about it before Parkland and after Parkland. We love the idea that people have always said 'This is the way it’s supposed to be,' and then our kids are the ones who say, 'No. Just because you say this is the way it’s supposed to be, that doesn’t mean it has to be.' We take inspiration from Emma Gonzalez, the idea that we’re only going to be saved by young men and women who say 'Enough is enough, we’re changing the rules.'"

While the curse has been broken, Cloak and Dagger remain a part of each other and their energy is mixed together. Pokaski also said Vodun will further be explored in season 2. He said: "We want to respectfully continue to use Vodun as a mirror upon which we show not only our moral but our psychological abstracts of our characters. The divine pairing in and of itself, we’ve solved that problem. But that Vodun will be a part of our mythology for as long as we’re being respectful to it."


So, in the second season, Tandy and Tyrone may not have to die to save the city and its people, and they will try to get closer to each other than in the previous season. Their powers evolved steadily through season 1 and it has been rewarding to watch them grow. From not being able to handle the Darkforce dimension, to manipulating it expertly in the trailer of the season 2; from not knowing how to pull out the Dagger from herself initially, to fusing ballet with superpowers, the two have come quite a long way. 

The second season will center around a different problem, now that Tandy and Tyrone have together faced Roxxon. With their powers, which they have been practicing, the two will begin an all-new adventure that we cannot wait to watch.