Claudia Jordan starts GoFundMe campaign to assist friend Meylssa Ford with hospital expenses after horrific car crash

Claudia Jordan starts GoFundMe campaign to raise $100,000 for Melyssa Ford's hospital expenses after her recent hit-and-run accident in which she sustained multiple head injuries

                            Claudia Jordan starts GoFundMe campaign to assist friend Meylssa Ford with hospital expenses after horrific car crash
Claudia Jordan (Source:Getty Images)

On 28 June, former Bravo reality TV star Melyssa Ford met with a serious accident in which she suffered a fractured skull, a concussion, bleeding in the brain as well as a large 10-inch open wound. The accident took place when she was on her way to a bridal shower and an 18-wheeler truck clipped her back tire causing her 2017 Jeep Wrangler Sahara Unlimited to flip three times. To help her friend cope with the financial impact of this horrific car crash, Claudia Jordan, ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ alumna, has launched a GoFundMe campaign. Claudia has set the goal for a grand sum of $100,000, just over $15,000 have already been raised.

"Melyssa is from Canada and moved to the U.S. like so many to pursue her passions and dreams. She is loved and respected. She is one of us and needs us," Claudia writes on the GoFundMe page.

We need to surround her with love and the support to get through this. We are asking those closest to her and supporters who have shown an outpour of concern and well wishes to contribute to this GoFundMe established. In a time when the world seems to be spiraling out of control, miracles like this remind us of the one beautiful thing we all have in common and should be thankful for every day, LIFE."

She also reiterates that all the proceeds will, in fact, go to assist Melyssa pay hospital bills. Claudia also took to Instagram to share a graphic image of the accident scene and request any witnesses to come forward so that the police can catch the truck driver.

In the caption, Claudia made sure to call out internet trolls who were making fun of the accident to remind them that such matters are not to be taken lightly. She started, "It’s a shame I have to do this to let folks know the seriousness of @melyssaford's accident (I got her permission first) but here it is. She was involved in a horrific accident that could have easily taken her life. It’s actually a miracle she survived.

She’s injured FOR REAL. She doesn’t even remember this as she has a huge gash in her head and blood on the brain. This was sent to me by a Good Samaritan that didn’t know who he was helping but once he saw the story online he contacted me knowing we’re friends and he was following me.

She continued: "If anyone was a witness to this accident please inbox me any information you may have. As you can imagine Melyssa doesn’t remember much so I’m hoping witnesses will come forward and assist in putting the pieces back together. She was hit by an 18 wheeler. Respect to @manifesting_mary who was the first one to check folks for the poor taste 'jokes.'

"The internet emboldens cowards... it also can shut em down as well. Everyone, please send love and prayers to our friend." Claudia's followers made sure to convey their blessings and concerns in the comments section. One wrote, "Praying for a speedy and complete recovery. God bless you." 

Some other fans respectfully questioned her decision to post the content on Instagram, writing, "As a physician — why would you post this even though you are getting “permission” from someone who has a head injury? They may not be in their right mind to make a rational decision. Don't quite understand the decision here @claudiajordan and this is meant in respectful discourse."

Some even stated that they did not believe the accident was real, joining the internet trolls Claudia was addressing with this post. One commenter, "I'm not believing this story, jeep doesn't look rolled 3 times. Or that a semi hit her, always blame someone else is liberals answer."

Melyssa’s family, who live in Canada, too are requesting anyone with any information to step forward. Melyssa’s mother, Barbara Ford, also opened up to PEOPLE about how she feels in the current situation. She said, “It’s so difficult in circumstances like these to live 2,500 miles away from my only daughter. Melyssa is strong, always has been. We are going to get through this together.”

Another one of Meylssa's friends, Maryam Iman, penned her sentiments on Instagram. She wrote, "Seeing you in the hospital bed reminded how short life is and how fast things can happen. Driving home yesterday from the hospital completely choked me up." She added, "Life is short and so please spread love. Please only send my friend love and healing during this time. Hug your loved ones and hold them close."