Claudia Conway says her father George speaks more to his 2 dogs than her, Internet says 'give your dad a break'

The teen’s latest tweet came after she appeared for her 'American Idol' audition with George Conway and incidentally, he even cried when it was her turn

                            Claudia Conway says her father George speaks more to his 2 dogs than her, Internet says 'give your dad a break'
Claudia Conway slammed her father George in a Twitter post (Instagram/ Getty Images)

Kellyanne Conway’s daughter Claudia has been making headlines for a while now. She recently took to her social media accounts to make several allegations against her mother. This time, however, she has targeted her father George Conway, just days after he went with her for 'American Idol' audition.

In a Twitter post on Wednesday, March 3, the 16-year-old wrote, “My dad says more to our two dogs a day than he has said anything to me the past two years and his entire feed is bonnie and skipper but i support it.” This came just days after she auditioned for 'American Idol' with her father and mother by her side. At the time, the 57-year-old attorney was heard saying to his daughter that he was happy to see her on the singing competition. In fact, when he spoke to the camera he was also seen wiping tears from his eyes.


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Kellyanne also made an appearance through a video call and wished Claudia luck, asking "are you ready to go baby, are you excited?" The former counselor to Trump also added at the time, “This is your time to shine. Remember honey, winners are people who are willing to lose."

The teenager was on a brief Twitter break, but she returned to tease her 'American Idol' appearance. Now, with her latest post about her dad, she sparked another controversy with a lot of people responding to it. One user said, “Probably because animals don’t talk back, they listen, and happy with a simple pat on the head or belly. I’m by no mean saying you’re a problem, but adults sometimes just like peace.”

Another user tweeted, “Claudia, the night of Your Audition on Idol your dad was there supporting you with tears in his eyes. It’s hard being 16, and I felt like you but when I grew up I have good memories of my talks with my Dad, you will too. You’re loved.” The third user commented, “An honest observation isn't a declaration of authority. George Conway's reaction to his daughter's performance on idol was really touching. Sorry you missed that.” One said, "Give your Dad a break. Everyone loves playing with and interacting with dogs. It a great stress reliever. I enjoying watching vids of other people's dogs doing comical things. Brightens my day and takes my mind off more serious problems."






One user wrote, “Nobody knows what this family is struggling with. We shouldn't be treating it as a game where you pick sides. Sadly, social media rarely resolves problems, only makes them worse. I wish them all well.” Another one added: “We all grow up and realize our parents are flawed human beings, marred by their own upbringing, doing the best they can at life. For some of us, the best our parents can manage is still woefully inadequate. We don’t have to like them in order to love them.”




Earlier in late January, Kellyanne accused her daughter of being an “addict” and reportedly told police she “may not make it”. Reportedly, the teen was on FaceTime for several minutes with YouTuber Tana Mongeau, who was live-streaming the call on Instagram when cops arrived at the Conways' house. In the video, a woman that Mongeau claimed was Kellyanne was heard saying to cops, "just take her away, she's an addict”. However, when Claudia confronted her mom and asked what she is "addicted to", she said it was her phone which she uses too much. "You can't compare this to alcoholism,” the teenager retorted.

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