Kellyanne Conway's daughter Claudia posts video to mock mom after Capitol riot, asks 'how do you feel?'

'Hey mom, it’s Claudia, how you feel about your army becoming rioters?'

                            Kellyanne Conway's daughter Claudia posts video to mock mom after Capitol riot, asks 'how do you feel?'
Kellyanne Conway (Getty Images)

Claudia Conway once again lambasted her mother Kellyanne Conway — former counselor to the president — and other supporters of Donald Trump in a new TikTok video after the storming of Capitol building. To slam her mother and the “Trump army”, the teenager took to TikTok, where she repeatedly asked her mother, “How do you feel?”

“This video is for Kelly and if you aren’t Kelly keep scrolling,” the teenager captioned her video post, where she was seen sitting in her room with blue lighting. At the beginning of the clip, she said, “Hey mom, it’s Claudia,” while mentioning that she had no idea if her 53-year-old old mother is downstairs or upstairs in the house. “How you feel about your army becoming rioters?” Claudia then asked, referring to the violent protests that also saw one woman being fatally shot.

A large group of pro-Trump protesters face police (Getty Images)

The 16-year-old then went on to compare the riots to protests for other causes that have taken place in the country for the past one year, which she wanted to join. “Because I remember when I was going to protest in the summer, you weren’t too happy with it, so how do you feel?” Claudia said. Not just that, in the same video, she talked about the Georgia Senate runoffs that saw Republicans losing to Democratic challengers. “I’m just wondering also, how do you feel that your party lost yesterday, because I know you went to Georgia a few days ago to help campaign,” she added.

Kellyanne Conway had campaigned for Republican Senate incumbent Kelly Loeffler, who was unseated by Democrat Raphael Warnock. Claudia also questioned her mother if she had any conversations with Republican Senator Mitch McConnell, who will lose his stronghold over the chamber. “Have you talked to your friend Mitch, the Senate majority, I mean, minority leader? How do you feel?” she said. Later in the video, Claudia was seen licking her lips and rolling her eyes as she told her mother to go to her room so they could “talk it out” and have a “nice discussion.” Before finishing her social media video, the daughter also asked why her mother is trending on Twitter and not her.

Pro-Trump protesters gather in front of the U.S. Capitol Building (Getty Images)

Meanwhile, the woman who was killed during the brutal riot has been identified as Ashli Babbitt, who was a “strong Trump supporter”. “Can't stop crying... I already miss you Ashli. For those who don't know, she's my daughter-in-law. She was such a wonderful(ly) kind person, and a serious military woman. Strong, Smart, Kind. If you see this please RETWEET to share and keep us in your prayers. Follow me for update,” Robin Babbitt, her mother-in-law, wrote on Twitter after her death.

Several others also expressed their sorrow over the tragedy as one said, “Robin, we are all crying for you. She wasn't only a loss to you, she was a loss to US. I have no words. May God send you comfort and healing. America will not forget Ashli Babbitt.” Another one added, “I am so sorry for the loss to you and your family. A beautiful woman, so young and that has served this nation, heartbroken to hear this. I pray your family gets justice. I pray that God gives you strength only He can right now. May she Rest In Peace.”

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