Clark Gable's grandson Clark Gable III died of a fatal drug overdose, reveals autopsy report

The 30-year-old actor, best known for his role in ' Cheaters', overdosed on a mix of fentanyl, oxycodone, and alprazolam (generic Xanax)

                            Clark Gable's grandson Clark Gable III died of a fatal drug overdose, reveals autopsy report
American actor Clark Gable (Source : Getty Images)

A Dallas County autopsy report has revealed that Clark Gable III, who was the grandson of actor Clark Gable, died of an accidental overdose. TMZ reported that the 30-year-old actor overdosed on a mix of fentanyl, oxycodone, and alprazolam (generic Xanax).

Gable III, who was best known for his role in 'Cheaters', reportedly brushed aside drug abuse concerns while on the sets of the show. Sources said that the crew was concerned about his drug use and when creator  Bobby Goldstein confronted him "Gable told him there was nothing to worry about." However, Goldstein himself never saw him do drugs, according to the report. 

His death had been revealed on February 22, 2019, and confirmed by his mother and his sister on social media. His mother, Tracy Yarro Scheff, confirmed the death saying, "It’s is with an extremely heavy heart we say goodbye to my beautiful son Clark. He passed this morning. I will always be next to you my beautiful son. Mom." she wrote on Instagram. His sister Kayley Gable also paid her tributes saying, "My brother was found unresponsive this morning by his fiancée and didn’t wake up... I LOVE YOU CLARKIE I’m so sorry we couldn’t save you my heart is broken and shattered RIP."

Kayley also revealed to Daily Mail at the time that when she tried to reconnect to their estranged father, John Clark Gable, to share the tragic news, she was told that he wouldn't pay for the funeral and that he didn't want him to be buried in their family land. She later took to Facebook to share the messages between the duo which said, "I'm sorry for your loss. This is what I want. Cremate him he's not going in my family's plot and I'm not paying for anything," John wrote in a text. "All of you use my Fathers name in disgrace and you don't want me to go to the media, believe me. Leave me and my Father out of this drug mess. There are no services on my end. Kayley is to never call me. Sorry for your loss I'm done it's just that simple. Respect my wishes."

In her post, Kayley claimed that their father" tortured" them and "got us high" and "did drugs in front of us as kids". The whole family has struggled with addiction and drug abuse. "My current husband, we’ve been together 27 years, and he’s 32 years sober. It’s a struggle that is real," Gable III's mom Scheff had said in an interview with Daily Mail. "I have four children, all of them have struggled. I have two younger boys with my current husband, Jason. I think one of them’s fine, he just likes to party, but the baby has struggled. He’s got a year sober, he’s 17 and doing great. I have a daughter that’s seven months pregnant. She’s doing great now, but she’s struggled too."