Homeland actor Claire Danes is expecting a second child with Hugh Dancy

Homeland star Claire Danes revealed that she is pregnant with her second child with her husband Hugh Dancy.

                            Homeland actor Claire Danes is expecting a second child with Hugh Dancy
Claire Danes (Source:Getty Images)

Homeland star Claire Danes has revealed that she is expecting her second child. The 39-year-old actress is already a mother to a 5-year-old son, Cyrus Michael Christopher with her husband Hugh Dancy. 

Claire announced the pregnancy on the Howard Stern Show and said, "I am pregnant … I am deep into my second trimester. You’re the first person I’ve told," she said to Howard. In response to her confession, Howard said, "I’m so honored. Would you name the baby Howard if it’s a girl?"

The topic of the pregnancy came up when Danes was talking about doing a nude scene in Homeland. Howard shared how self-conscious he would be of his body in that position. "Was this planned or are we having a surprise?" Stern asked, "Yeah, this was planned. We’ve been wanting another kid for a while, and it happened," she responded. 

Claire also shared that she would be keeping the sex of the baby a secret. 

Hugh Dancy and Claire Danes got married in the year 2009 in France. The pair had a quiet ceremony with close family and friends. The pair met while filming the movie Evening. It is believed that the couple bonded over games like Boggle and Scrabble on the movie sets. 

Claire and Hugh are already parents to a 5-year-old. Claire spoke about how she spends a lot of time goofing about with her son. As reported by E!News, "We took Cyrus to his first movie for his birthday in December, like a movie in the movie theater. We saw Peanuts and it was maybe my first movie that I saw in the theater since he was born," she said. 

"I just hang out with him and like make dumb faces. It's just what I do for a living anyway," she joked.