'Claim to Fame': Who is Maxwell Norris? Chuck Norris' grandson, 22, first to exit Kevin and Frankie Jonas' show

'Claim to Fame': Who is Maxwell Norris? Chuck Norris' grandson, 22, first to exit Kevin and Frankie Jonas' show
Kevin and Frankie Jonas (L), hosts of ABC's 'Claim to Fame', eliminated Chuck Norris' (M) grandson Maxwell Norris (R) for cheating with a cell phone (Photo: ABC, Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

'Claim to Fame' is a Kinetic and Walt Disney Television Alternative production which is off-beta in its own sense and follows 12 celebrity relatives living under one roof as they try to conceal their well-known families. These relatives will be competing in challenges, forming alliances, and dodging eliminations to win the ultimate $100,000 cash price. The series is hosted by Kevin and Frankie Jonas and premiered on ABC, available on Hulu, Monday, July 11, at 10 pm ET. The premiere itself was a rocking start as it ended with a huge twist. 

Maxwell Norris became the first contestant to be eliminated from the show, which was filmed in front of a live audience. Maxwell is the grandson of the legendary actor Carlos Ray Norris, famously known as Chuck Norris. In the episode titled 'It's All Relative', Maxwell was caught using a cell phone which is prohibited on the show. Before the departure, Max said, "It was a great three days. I love you all. We'll be in touch," to which Kevin replied, "We know you have a phone." The announcement was made right before contestant Pepper was going to take a guess at Maxwell's family identity in the elimination round. She later guessed that Maxwell was related to Steven Spielberg, before it was revealed that he was related to Chuck Norris, a Hollywood star and martial arts legend.


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At the start of the game, Kevin said, "As you know, when you came to the house, we took all your devices to protect your identities, keep away information, to make sure the game was fair to everyone. One of you has broken that rule. As you guys know we take this very seriously. We want you to take the game seriously. The rules are in place for a reason," said Kevin as the background played footage of Maxwell using a cell phone under bed sheets, continuing, "And that is why you will be going home tonight." Maxwell's elimination came as a big shock, considering it was the premiere episode and he was ALREADY cheating. Of course, people had their opinions that they shared online. Before we get into that, let's take a look at Maxwell and from where he belongs. 

Maxwell Norris, Chuck Norris' grandson was kicked off the show 'Claim to Fame' for cheating. (Photo: @ABC)

Who is Maxwell Norris?

As revealed, he's the 22-year-old grandson of Chuck Norris and the son of Chuck's eldest son Mike Norris. Chuck welcomed his firstborn with his wife Dianne Holachek, and eventually, Mike married Valerie in 1992. Mike and Valerie have three children together - Hannah, Greta, and Maxwell. Greta and Maxwell are twins while their elder sister Hannah was born in 1995. As for his school days, Maxwell was a linebacker on the Faith High School football team in Grapevine, Texas, and even won the state championship in 2016. His sister, Greta, played soccer in high school. 


Fans react to Maxwell Norris' elimination

One user wrote, "Maxwell Norris said, he was just starting to get into the groove of things... You was getting into the groove alright... CheaTING!! #ClaimToFame" Another user wrote, "Maxwell cheated by bringing in a phone & got disqualified & eliminated! Shocked he was related to Chuck Norris not Steven Spielberg! Pepper got so lucky that Maxwell got exposed! #ClaimToFame"



A user tweeted, "#ClaimToFame Thats hilarious Maxwell Norris got disqualified for cheating and having a phone when no phones are allowed, How do you tell your Grandfather Chuck Norris that you got eliminated for cheating." Another user wrote, "If I was Maxwell I would be terrified to go home and have to face my grandpa. Of all the celebrities in this planet to have your grandpa be Chuck Norris and you just got kicked out of the game because you cheated! Good luck kid, I'm glad I'm not you. #ClaimToFame"




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One user wrote, "I knew it!! Maxwell is Chuck Norris' grandson. To me it was obvious. http://Crazy.how you can cheat like that." Another user explained how Maxwell had a shot at staying in the show for longer than usual as nobody would have suspected his grandfather to be Chuck Norris and tweeted, "He could have stayed for awhile had he not cheated. Chuck was the last person on everyone’s minds."



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