'City on a Hill' Season 2 Episode 2: Is this the end of the road for Cathy? The Ryans are back in crime biz again

With Cathy getting into the drug dealing business for her family, things look risky for the Ryans

                            'City on a Hill' Season 2 Episode 2: Is this the end of the road for Cathy? The Ryans are back in crime biz again
A still from 'City on a Hill' with Amanda Clayton as Cathy Ryan on the right (Showtime)

Spoilers for 'City on a Hill' Season 2 Episode 2 'I Need a Goat'

If the pilot episode focussed on the major characters, Jackie Rohr (Kevin Bacon) and Decourcy Ward (Aldis Hodge), the latest episode takes a look at the Ryans, the antagonists of Season 1, and their future in the crime drama.

Last we saw, Frankie Ryan (Jonathan Tucker) was hauled away for the armed bank robbery and the one ratting him out was his younger brother, Jimmy Ryan (Mark O'Brien). This fractures the relationship between Frankie's wife, Cathy Ryan (Amanda Clayton), and Jimmy.


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Unknown to Cathy, Jimmy still works as an informant for the FBI, while also making a living from dealing drugs. Life, on the other hand, has not been kind to Cathy and her three kids with finances becoming a huge problem.

News of Frankie's criminal activities is no longer a secret and this 'publicity' hits her beauty salon business leading to this income stream drying up as well. Eventually, help for Cathy comes in the form of Jimmy who hands her ten grand to keep the family afloat, and in return, gets whiplashed by her. She bluntly, in an expletive-filled rant, refuses his help.

However, she realizes that Jimmy's money comes from selling drugs and so she decides to get into the business as well. Jimmy, despite being reluctant, gets her the first gig and also gives her a firearm, just in case things go south.

While this may be a genuine gesture by Jimmy, trying to make amends for getting his brother sentenced for life, things don't look too good for Cathy. She is pretty much on the edge and is desperate to keep things running smoothly.

While it is early to call, there is that definite possibility that Cathy will run into some major trouble and it will somehow involve either Ward or Jackie. At the moment, the duo is at loggerheads with each other and it wouldn't be a stretch to imagine Cathy getting caught in the crossfire.

There is also that possibility of the Ryans being shut away for good if either she or Jimmy land in soup. This storyline will eventually be weaved into the larger plot and only time will tell whether Cathy or Jimmy make it out in one piece.

'City on a Hill' Season 2 airs Sundays at 10 pm ET on Showtime.

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