'City on a Hill': Kevin Bacon's smug and sly Jackie Rohr may have a nasty surprise heading his way after episode 5

The final few minutes of episode 5 is gripping and the fact that Rohr's daughter, Bendetta, is involved is bad news for the FBI agent

                            'City on a Hill': Kevin Bacon's smug and sly Jackie Rohr may have a nasty surprise heading his way after episode 5

This article contains spoilers for 'City on a Hill' episode 5: 'From Injustice Came the Way to Describe Justice' 

Kevin Bacon's Jackie Rohr is in trouble. He can sense it, we can sense it and it's only a matter of time before the smug and sly smile vanishes. Rohr has been the quintessential bad boy of 'City On A Hill' and while it is enjoyable at times, it is also hard to believe a character like Rohr exists.

In 'From Injustice Came the Way to Describe Justice', Rohr is shown to be slowly losing. It is apparent something nasty is in store for the foul-mouthed FBI agent. He may be doing his job, but it is downright cruel when he mocks a dying man.

While he's up to his corrupt self, something could snap him out of that smug attitude. The final scenes show his daughter sharing a joint and a beer with Clay Roach. His mistress is pregnant and his colleague Junior Minogue (Kevin Chapman) dies while telling Rohr his bosses are slowly accepting that Rohr is pretty below average at his job. 

But more than work stress, what could land Rohr in trouble is the fact that Clay Roach (Rory Culkin) has maybe managed to figure who Rohr's daughter, Benedetta Rohr (Zoe Margaret Colleti) is. He has been one of Rohr's sources and given the treatment Rohr has meted out to him, he may just try to use her to exact revenge.

Also, adding to the fact that Rohr has played a major part in helping Ward Decourcy (Aldis Hodge) in the armed robbery case, Jimmy Ryan (Mark O' Brien) may probably confess to his family about feeding info to Rohr and the Charlestown robbers may have a thing or two planned for Rohr in the episodes to come.

That his mistress is pregnant doesn't help his case either. Like how Rohr was onto the thieves since the time of the robbery, it is only a matter of time before the tables turn. The easiest way to dent Rohr is by damaging his ego and Junior's last words have already left the agent troubled. 

Are we looking at Rohr hitting a low in the episodes to come? Or will the veteran have a solution up his sleeve? Either way, things don't look too bright for the man.

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