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'City on a Hill' episode 6 sees Siobhan Quays prove she 'doesn't need a man' to fight her battles for her

The ambitious private attorney has always struggled to build her identity and individuality in the show and finally gets a chance to voice it out

This article contains spoilers for 'City on a Hill' Ep.6: 'It's Hard to Be a Saint in the City'

'City on a Hill' episode 6 had multiple subplots, each of them establishing outcomes that were gripping and riveting. One of those was the women standing up for themselves.  Lauren E. Banks's character, Siobhan Quays, is portrayed as a level-headed, ambitious private attorney. She plays Decourcy Ward's (Aldis Hodge) wife and has been an essential part of the series since episode 1. 

The multi-talented attorney, however, has had scenarios in the show, where she's had to face challenges when it came to building her own identity and individuality. 'It's Hard to Be a Saint in the City' sees her vault that challenge as she dishes out, perhaps what are the best lines of the episode.

"I don't need my husband, or any man, to solve my problems for me, if I let that happen, I might as well stay home and iron your shirts, I handle my problems, my way."

This comes after Ward and Reverend Jasper Fields (Seth Gilliam) have a bit of face-off regarding Siobhan. For those of you, who missed out on the last couple of episodes, the smug Reverend gets caught up in a charge against, where it is revealed that he is involved in sexually harassing women and fears of his position and reputation being defaced. When Siobhan hears of this, she confronts Fields only for him to start bad-mouthing her.

When Ward comes to know of this, he makes his anger quite evident when Fields comes to talk to him about the allegations. The conversation ends badly for Ward as Fields punches him flush on the cheek. 

While it is admirable that Ward has stood up for his wife, he probably learned a lesson there the hard way; This was Siobhan's fight and that she confidently says that she could handle it suggests that Siobhan too has grown weary of being treated like a delicate daisy in a male-dominated society.  It may have been tough for Ward, but Siobhan was probably right. Everybody's got a fight, something to prove to the world, and this fight was hers and would be hers alone.  If anyone were to put Fields in his place, and prison (hopefully), it would have to be her. 

In the six episodes we have seen so far, each leading lady in the show have had their own problems to deal with, and for Siobhan, it was about building the identity that she always wanted to.

It is heartening to see that every leading lady in the series gets their moment to shine. Episode 6 was Siobhan's turn to finally speak out that she was no pushover. She's brave and courageous and it is clear from her statement that she wouldn't let Fields get away with the crimes that he's committed. 

'City On A Hill' airs Sundays on Showtime at  9 p.m. ET/PT.