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Cindy Crawford felt 'intimidated' when she met Princess Diana, feared looking frumpy in front of young William

Cindy Crawford remembered how she was 'intimidated' by meeting late Princess Diana who says was completely 'down to earth'
Cindy Crawford, Princess Diana (Getty Images)
Cindy Crawford, Princess Diana (Getty Images)

Cindy Crawford recalled being 'so intimidated' when she met the late Princess Diana at Kensington Palace. 

The supermodel had met the late Princess of Wales and her son Prince William in London and recalls she was 'blushing' when she met the royals. While on a YouTube live chat with Noami Campbell, Cindy shared, "I don't remember but look I was blushing."

"I was so intimidated meeting Princess Diana and being at Kensington Palace and just how completely down-to-earth she was because there's so much protocol I guess, and not being English, I don't understand some of it."

Cindy added that she just loved how 'humble' Diana was. "I loved Princess Diana, I just loved her. Humble, how down-to-earth and I'm just blessed to know her for the time that I did," she revealed. She had earlier said that she was stunned when Diana herself invited her to come to meet her and William, who had a huge crush on the supermodel. 

"She was so lovely because she actually called my office herself. She said, 'Hi, it's Princess Diana' and my assistant was like, 'Yeah right'. But it actually was," she shared. "I was going to London to do a thing for Pepsi, so I arranged to meet them at Kensington Palace. It was cool for me," Cindy recalled. 

Cindy Crawford recalled being 'so intimidated' by the late Princess Diana when she met her (Getty Images) 

She also said she was worried about looking 'frumpy' in front of Prince William. "I was like, 'What do I wear?' because Diana had a teenage son and I didn't want to be too frumpy, but this was Kensington Palace and I wanted to be invited back," she added. 

During the interview, Cindy also spoke about how she had been self-isolating with her husband Rande Gerber and her children Kaia, 18, and Presley, 20, in their Malibu home given the deadly coronavirus outbreak. She shared that the uncertainty of not knowing when life would return to normal was strange. 

"We don't know where the light at the end of the tunnel is. We know it will come at some point," she said. "I'm blessed, I can afford groceries and I think it's hard to give advice to people because we're already privileged. I'm very aware that not having to worry about paying for groceries or my phone bill is an amazing luxury," she continued. 

In a separate interview, Prince William too recalled one of his meetings with Crawford and remembered how he was left red-faced. He revealed that he was embarrassed as he had pictures of Naomi Campbell, Crawford, and Christy Turlington up on his wall and his mother had arranged for them to meet him. 

"I went with Claudia and Christy and he was coming home from school. And we had gotten there before he had gotten home from school and Princess Diana was like, ‘Okay.’ So we were just like, ‘What do we do?’ I mean, it was so sweet," Campbell added recalling her initial visit to meet William when he was in his early teens. 

"She organized when I came home from school to have Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell waiting at the top of the stairs. I was probably a 12 or 13-year-old boy who had posters of them on his wall," William shared, the Sun reports. 

"And I went bright red and didn’t quite know what to say and sort of fumbled. I think I pretty much fell down the stairs on the way up. I was utterly sort of awestruck," he revealed.