Chvrches up security at shows after death and rape threats from Chris Brown supporters

Chvrches up security at shows after death and rape threats from Chris Brown supporters

Scottish indie pop band Chvrches have decided to beef up security at their shows following several rape and death threats from Chris Brown fans. The band has been facing backlash after they issued a statement criticizing DJ Marshmello for collaborating with alleged abusers Chris Brown and Tyga on his new song 'Light It Up'. 



“We are really upset, confused and disappointed by Marshmello’s choice to work with Tyga and Chris Brown,” they wrote on Twitter. “We like and respect Mello as a person but working with people who are predators and abusers enables, excuses and ultimately tacitly endorses that behaviour. That is not something we can or will stand behind.”

Chris Brown was quick to respond, calling the band of three a "bunch of losers" and "the type of people I wish walked in front of a speeding bus full of mental patients." Tyga also responded. “Where all God’s children,” he wrote. “Everyone makes mistakes. No one’s perfect. Let’s keep the energy positive.”

Chris Brown performs onstage during "We Can Survive, A Event" at The Hollywood Bowl on October 20, 2018, in Los Angeles, California. (Source: Getty Images)


But the energy has been anything but positive. Chvrches' leading lady Lauren Mayberry has been targeted online by a number of Brown’s fans. She posted some of the violent threats online. “Learn to keep Chris Brown’s name out of your gutter trailer trash a** mouth, stupid racist white b***h,” read a part of one of the threats.

The 31-year-old responded by saying: “Angry men on the internet can call me all the names they want,” she wrote. “I still think domestic abuse is wrong. Peace out, internet. Tomorrow is a brand-new day.”

Lauren Mayberry of CHVRCHES performs at Mojave Tent during the 2019 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival on April 14, 2019, in Indio, California. (Source: Getty Images)


During their headlining set at Fortress Festival in Forth Worth, TX, Mayberry further spoke about the threats she has been faced with: "Now I'm gonna have to invest in some fucking bulletproof tutus because apparently, that does not go down well with the Breezy fans ... we were like, 'maybe don't promote serial convicted violence to young people,' and then they were like 'you know what we're gonna do? We're gonna rape you and shoot you.' You kind of proved the point."

Marshmello fans have also spoken against the DJ on social media for working alongside artists like Chris Brown and Tyga, who have cases of sexual abuse against women against them. Marshmello has not responded to any of the backlash. 

In the last decade, both Brown and Tyga have faced multiple sexual abuse allegations and subsequent legal issues. 

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