'Christina on the Coast': Christina gives a bohemian touch to her friends Stevie and Matt's kitchen

The couple had a budget of around $35,000 and Christina said it is a budget they can work with

                            'Christina on the Coast': Christina gives a bohemian touch to her friends Stevie and Matt's kitchen
Stevie and Max (HGTV)

'Christina on The Coast' aired with an all-new episode on January 16 night, and this week she renovated her friends and personal trainer, Matt and Stevie's kitchen. 

Matt also plays soccer on Sundays with Ant Anstead. Stevie and Christina are both pregnant with their due dates just one week apart. While this is not the first child for Christina, it is the first for Matt and Stevie. So the couple wanted to renovate their kitchen and the baby's room before she gives birth. 

The couple wanted to get an island and change the location of their fridge because it was a hindrance for when someone wants to go to the pantry. While Stevie wants the kitchen to have a boho style with color, textures and patterns, Matt, on the other hand, wants the kitchen to have a more modern style that is either white or has stainless steel. 

Matt gave a budget of around $35,000 and since they didn't have to remove any of the walls, Christina revealed that it is a budget they can work with. However, later on, Izzy the contractor finds out that the electrical panel was out of date, rusty and a fire hazard. He said that it would take the couple an extra $3,500 to fix it. He offered Izzy free sessions in the gym worth that $3,500 and he accepted it.


During the episode, we also got to know that Stevie was feeling stressed and overwhelmed and only eating cold food. So Christina tried to finish the project earlier than the given date.

Meanwhile, the couple gets confused about what to add in the kitchen — a fan or a chandelier. Matt wanted a fan just like the one in the previous kitchen but Stevie wanted a chandelier. Matt somehow convinced Stevie to choose a fan. Unfortunately, everything falls apart when two weeks later the fan arrives and the bulb underneath is shattered.

Ant then calls up Matt and has a conversation with him, convincing the personal trainer to add the chandelier and not the fan. He then agrees to do the same and surprise Stevie. Renovations are done in no time and the end results are breathtaking.

For the backsplash, they choose a neutral style that had a bohemian and modern flare to it. The floor marble was laid out in a diamond pattern. The pantry door was replaced by a sliding barn door that added to the bohemian touch of the backsplash. 


For the baby room, the couple changed the look of it by adding reclaimed wood that cost around $500. Overall, Christina did a good job on the renovation and gave the couple what they were both looking for. 

'Christina on the Coast' airs every Thursday night only on HGTV. Check your local listings for more information.

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