Chrissy Teigen falls off a chair in the most meme-worthy manner

Chrissy Teigen walks in looking like a million bucks - high heels, bold sunnies and a blazer and then bam! She's on the floor the very next moment!

                            Chrissy Teigen falls off a chair in the most meme-worthy manner

Chrissy Teigen didn't fall asleep as she did at the Oscars in 2017, neither did she fall in love. The queen of Twitter fell for real this time - off a chair. In a video that Chrissy herself tweeted about, the SI model can be seen falling off a rotating chair onto the ground in a hilarious video. She walks in like she owns the place because you know, she's Chrissy Teigen, in thigh high boots, a white shirt dress, and a boss black blazer. There are also some really cool sunglasses involved. She's on the phone, probably with John discussing a new headband song or maybe with Target about her new line, not really paying attention to what she's about to sit on. She throws her orange jacket on the table and reaches out to grab the chair and bam - she's on the floor, and there's giggling in the background.


Chrissy tweeted with the caption, "get some new chairs @buzzfeed!!!!!" but we are still left wondering what really happened - was it a slip, was it a misstep, was it a trip - the mystery continues. Twitter erupted with funny gifs, as usual. 

This fall comes right after her viral meme that started making the rounds after the Emmys on Monday night. Cameras caught Christine in the audience, making a face during Colin Jost and Michael Che's opening monologue, and Twitter couldn't get enough of the now legendary face. She looks like she's unable to control her laughter during the very strange 'Roseanne' joke and as she notices someone watching she sinks into her chair. John Legend in the meantime looks clueless and happy.




This is the second time Chrissy has blessed us with a meme inspo that may have successfully topped the 2015 Golden Globes awkward crying face. She's never been coy about saying exactly what she thinks without really saying much and we her love for it! Thanks, Chrissy, the next time I tumble, I'll call you my inspiration.