Chrissy Teigen reveals why she was replaced from 'Deal or No Deal' as the briefcase girl

Chrissy Teigen started her career with 'Deal or No Deal' but she left it after the first season

                            Chrissy Teigen reveals why she was replaced from 'Deal or No Deal' as the briefcase girl
Chrissy Teigen (Getty Images)

Chrissy Teigen has managed to make a name for herself in the industry. Right from her modeling career to her cookbooks, she has never failed to leave her mark behind. However, before all this, Teigen was famously known as the briefcase girl from 'Deal Or No Deal'. Her job on the show was simple. If any contestant chose the briefcase she was in charge of, she had to open it and reveal the cash prize that was in it.

Teigen was seen on the show from its pilot episode to the end of Season 1. While she has achieved many things since then, Teigen has not forgotten those days. She recently took to Instagram to share a throwback picture from the show that was shared by one of her fan pages. She captioned the image as, "This feels like an alternate universe." Even fans found it hard to believe that she was once the briefcase girl. In one of the comments, Teigen hinted that she knew the reason she was replaced from the show as she commented, "I never understood when I was supposed to make that sad face. I think that's why I was gently replaced."

This is not the first time Teigen has spoken about her time on the show. She had hinted that the show gave her a chance to meet Meghan Markle. "I was on Deal or No Deal with her and she was lovely. Now everyone asks me what she was like and I say, ‘Sorry, no dirt.’ She’s gorgeous," she said in an interview with Daily Mail. She also opened up about it when she sat down with Andy Cohen for an interview. "I think she came in the second season or so. I did from the pilot season to first, but then I got demoted because I couldn't walk down the stairs. Like I literally was fired, well not fired, but I couldn't be a 'briefcase girl' so they made me a 'banker girl', I don't even know. It was a very blurry time. But I keep telling John, 'That could've been me!'" she recalled. 

While Teigen did not have a successful career on this show, she sure did manage to create a path for herself and managed to make a name in the industry. 

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