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Chrissy Teigen slammed for buying $2k Celine purse at Barneys just to use the loo: ‘That's two months' rent!’

Chrissy Teigen's confession about buying a costly Celine bag at the luxury New York department store has landed her in trouble
UPDATED MAY 21, 2020
Chrissy Teigen (Getty Images)
Chrissy Teigen (Getty Images)

Chrissy Teigen has been in the news after author Alison Roman slammed her and then sought an apology. Not just that, she feels she is above pettiness and the "cancel culture." However, her confession about buying a costly Celine bag at the luxury New York department store has landed her in trouble.

However, the author and television personality was recently slammed by fans confessing to a deed years ago that reflects her rich lifestyle. It all started when a fan tweeted, "One time I saw you at barneys and you bought a Celine bag so you wouldn’t feel guilty about asking to use the bathroom. I knew I loved you before but that solidified it."

Unaware of the impact it could have on social media, Teigen reposted it and wrote, "wowowowow anyone that knows me knows this is very true all too often." That, and it was enough to enrage people on Twitter. 

Chrissy Teigen (Getty Images)

No sooner did people read the tweet, they couldn't help but unleash their wrath on social media. One fan posted, "A cursory google search tells me that is approximately equivalent to 3 or 4 months rent," and another said, "Shit, in L.A. that's 2 months rent at best."

It helped many recall similar incidents from their lives. One wrote, "Same but for me it's always chicken nuggets at McDonald's." Another posted, "My equivalent: buying a McFlurry." Another wrote, "I’ve bought food at places just to use their loo. This checks out."

However, some found her act way too out of the bounds. "This is called spoiled. Use a Starbucks and donate that wasted money." Another posted, "Wow, people are starving and somehow this makes @chrissyteigen a hero. She should probs take a break from twitter for a couple months tbh."

Chrissy Teigen (Getty Images)

However, some took her side. "I bought a Celine CD at Sam Goody for the same reason," one tweet read and another said, "It really isn’t. Just a rich person buying rich people things. Is she supposed to pretend to be an average person? Nah."

Telling her how sharing it was wrong, one fan said, "This is one of those Rich People Tweets Chrissy," and another wrote, "There's no doubt in my mind that Chrissy would be the same person in her heart whether she were rich or not." Another loyal fan said, "Next time you can donate it to me and ill fight anyone that has an issue with u using the bathroom."

Well, it clearly seems to have started a long debate on Twitter and people are not tired of talking about it. Do you think it was valid or she should have spent her money elsewhere?