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'Chrisley Knows Best' Season 9: Fans enjoy competition between nanny Faye and Todd Chrisley, say 'no basic b***h'

'Chrisley Knows Best' returns with Todd and Nanny Faye going up against each other with their garderning skills
Todd Chrisley and mother Faye in 'Chrisley Knows Best' Season 9 (USA Network)
Todd Chrisley and mother Faye in 'Chrisley Knows Best' Season 9 (USA Network)

The second half of Season 9 of 'Chrisley Knows Best' aired at 9.00 pm ET on Thursday, June 23, on the USA Network. Todd Chrisley approached nanny Faye to learn some gardening techniques to impress a person he is eager to conduct business with.

Todd Chrisley joined a gardening club the businessman belonged to impress him because he was launching a real estate company himself. Todd's family forbade him from gardening because he had no experience. He was told by Nanny Faye that gardening is difficult. The 'Chrisley Knows Best' celebrity enlisted her assistance in a contest to cultivate the most exotic flowers, but when he thought that her flowers were "basic," he subsequently insulted her abilities.


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Nana Faye in 'Chrisley Knows Best' Season 9 (USA Network)

Todd compared nanny Faye's gardening skills to that of "every grandma’s porch." This incensed Nanny, who rebuked him for his remarks. Todd was forced to place his flower order when she declined to assist him further. Initially intending to deliver the flowers to Savannah, Nanny was persuaded to take part in the contest against Todd by her granddaughter. She was informed by Nanny that she was "no basic b***h" and entered the competition to make a statement.

In the end, Nanny prevailed, as the judges praised her blooms for having "thriller, filler, and spiller." Todd was not eligible because he did not plant his flowers, on the other hand. Nanny's award included a plus one membership to the club. After Todd expressed his regret to his mother, she granted him the plus one. Viewers turned to social media to share their opinion of the episode amidst all the controversies the family is engulfed by. A fan who enjoyed the little competition between Todd and Faye wrote: "@USA_Network @ChrisleyChase @_ItsSavannah_ @toddchrisley tonight’s @Chrisley_USA was good “No Basic Bitch” #ChrisleyKnowsBest".


Quoting nana Faye a fan wrote: "Sometimes you have to give something for free to get a lot. It’s called outthinking the competition.” #ChrisleyKnowsBest".


Another fan tweeted their view on the family while still tuning in for the show as their tweet read: "I’m watching the show, but with a side eye!!! I still love Nanny Faye!!! #ChrisleyKnowsBest".


Yet another nanny Faye fan tweeted: "Nanny is hilarious. Love her. @Chrisley_USA #ChrisleyKnowsBest".


Recently, Todd Chrisley revealed that nanny Faye had cancer

The Chrisley family has recently experienced a lot, and it seems like there is no hope of change. Julie and Todd Chrisley were both found guilty of tax fraud and evasion in June 2022, and their sentencing is set for October 6. Todd just disclosed that his mother, Nanny Faye, had cancer as if things couldn't get much worse. Todd spoke openly about Nanny Faye's cancer diagnosis on the episode of Todd and Julie's podcast 'Chrisley Confessions' that aired on June 16. He explained, "My mother was diagnosed with bladder cancer, and so she is in treatment, and we have been dealing with that treatment weekly."

Since the late fall of 2021, Faye has been coping with this and requested that no one else know. Despite the family's best attempts to keep it a secret, her illness was revealed during the trial. "A lot of people had picked up on [the diagnosis]. A lot of people have bombarded us," Todd went on. He explicitly addressed the media's disregard for the hardships his family faces. It appears that the press has been waiting outside their doors with long lens cameras in an attempt to take pictures of them. They've started turning up at his mother's house as well, which caused Todd to request in this trying time.

Todd told the audience, "I would ask that the people that are doing this respect that she is 77 years old and that she is in a battle for her life." Todd did not go into detail regarding Faye's current therapy, but the family is optimistic about her recovery. Todd said, "I pray every day, multiple times a day, that God keep a healing hand on her. Everyone goes through trials, and we are no different than anyone else." Nanny Faye had to give testimony during Todd and Julie's trial, speaking of which.


After the episode aired, well-wishers took to social media wishing the family well. A fan wrote: "Very much so enjoyed seeing #ChrisleyKnowsBest back on my screen. I pray every day for this beautiful family. @Chrisley_USA @toddchrisley."


Another Twitter user wrote how Todd's been helping his mom: "Stress causes cancer too. #toddchrisley certainly helped his mother with that. #chrisleyknowsbest."


Every Thursday at 9:00 pm ET, the program airs on the USA Network.

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