'He's being fake': Body language experts say Chris Watts showed telltale signs of guilt and deception during interviews

Chris Watts, who has been arrested for the cold-blooded murder of his pregnant wife Shanann and two daughters, had been lying about missing his family

                            'He's being fake': Body language experts say Chris Watts showed telltale signs of guilt and deception during interviews
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A day before Chris Watts confessed to killing his wife and two daughters, he appeared on several TV channels making a plea for the safe return of his 'missing' family. Was Chris trying to gain public sympathy? We're not sure. However, body language experts who closely studied the recordings of the interviews claim that it was apparent that Chris was lying.

Body language expert Lillian Glass told HollywoodLife that Chris's phoniness was quite evident as he spoke too much and was giving out too much information. "He is shrugging his shoulders, which shows he was lying... He smiles and chuckles during the plea, which is very contrived and also reveals he is being fake."

Chris, who was arrested on August 16 for the murders of his wife Shanann Watts and their two daughters four-year-old Bella and three-year-old Celeste, was showing inappropriate facial responses, according to Glass. "He has his arms crossed at one point. The bottom line is, he’s closing off because he knows he’s done something bad."

Watch Chris talking to Denver7's Tomas Hoppough about the disappearance of his family below.

In the interview, Chris looks straight into the camera as he expresses his concern about the disappearance of his wife and daughters. "If somebody has them and they are not safe, then I want them back now... It's not something I could ever, ever fathom would happen in my lifetime, and I have no inclination of where she is. My kids are my life. Those smiles light up my life." He also makes a direct plea for Shanann and the girls to come home.

However, Chris's performance did not fool the experts. Traci Brown told KDVR that she recognized signs of deception immediately. "He rolled his lips back over his teeth a lot. You see his lips disappear? That's a telltale sign for someone who knows more than they're saying. He clearly knew then and he was trying to hold back and the whole thing unraveled on him."

Shanann's body was found on Thursday on property owned by Anadarko Petroleum, one of the state’s largest oil and gas drillers, where Chris used to work. Hours later, bodies of the two children were discovered inside oil and gas tanks that “were mostly full". Authorities believe Chris placed the bodies in these tanks to hide the smell.

John Camper, the director of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, said: "This is absolutely the worst possible outcome that anyone could imagine. As horrible as this outcome is, our role now is to do everything we can to determine exactly what occurred."

Le-Vel, the health and wellness company where Shanann used to work, also posted a message regarding the death of the pregnant mother and her two children. "Our hearts are broken for the loss of our dear friend Shanann Watts and her children. Shanann was an amazing woman, mother, friend, and overall person. She lit up every room and was a joy to be around... Shanann and her children will be dearly missed. We honor them on this sorrowful day."

Frankie Rzucek, Shanann's brother, also took to Facebook to post about the incident where he asked for a reason behind his sister's death.