Fiancée of Chris Watts’ prison pal says family killer isn't gay after his boxers were found in friend's cell

Watts and Tallman were disciplined after the discovery as reports stated that they had a sexual relationship

                            Fiancée of Chris Watts’ prison pal says family killer isn't gay after his boxers were found in friend's cell
Chris Watts, Dylan Tallman ( (Getty Images/Wisconsin Department Of Corrections)

Chris Watts, who killed his pregnant wife and two daughters, has reportedly got a person to speak for him and the person is none other than his prison pal Dyan Tallman's fiancée — Christa Richello. Watts and Tallman were recently punished after the former’s underwear, petroleum jelly, assorted toiletries, and books were found in the cell of Tallman. Both of them were disciplined after the discovery as reports stated that they had a sexual relationship.

But now Tallman’s fiancée has told that she “can definitely prove that my fiancé is not gay, and neither is Chris Watts.” The 42-year-old continued, “And I don’t believe that force of circumstance, because they were locked up, led them to have any sexual contact. Those accusations are just crazy, and I just have to laugh at it. I know both Chris and Dylan and I know their relationship. They are friends. They are very close but that’s all it is.”

According to reports, Richello actually sent a letter to Watts after the 35-year-old was given five life sentences along with 84 years for killing 15-weeks-pregnant Shanann and two daughters, Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3, in Colorado. But the family murderer received so many letters from women, he gave Richello’s letter to Tallman. The woman, a clinical psychologist who specializes in sexual abuse and trauma cases, believes that Watts is innocent as she said, “I watched the videos of Chris Watts with his children and his wife. It was really difficult for me to believe clinically that he was capable of committing that crime. I wrote to him regarding getting the truth out. I told him to keep fighting and let him know there are people that support him.”

Watts’ friend Tallman is a career criminal, who proposed to Richello through letters. The pair met thrice before Covid-19 restrictions. Now, they are contacting each other through Zoom meetings, phone calls, and letters. “He’s delightful. He's just great. He's wonderful. I feel comfortable enough with Dylan to be able to marry him and jump right into a relationship. I've gotten to know him very, very well. I know Dylan is not gay because of the relationship he and I have. We have talked about what our plans are for the future. I would love to start a family with Dylan. I only have a few years left. I have no problems with homosexuality at all. But Dylan is heterosexual and Christopher's heterosexual, I can assure you there was no sexual relationship between them,” Richello, who has lupus — the same disease that Shanann had — explained.

Speaking of Watts’ belongings found from Tallman’s cell, Richello said, “The petroleum jelly is Vaseline. It’s definitely not lube, it’s Vaseline. And the boxers were brand new and clean. They weren’t ones that Chris had used. It wasn’t any shanks, it wasn’t anything sharp, anything dangerous. It was just daily living items. Were they aware they were not supposed to do that? Of course. But it’s hygiene items, it was nothing serious. We all need to brush our teeth, we all need to shower, we need deodorant, we need lotion, we need Q-tips. These are all normal items to have.”

Richello added: “Chris was trying to help out a friend. They spent nine months side by side, talking through the outlet for 23 hours a day and they became very friendly. One thing about Dylan, he takes forever to get ready. Everything has to match. He has to lotion up. That's why the Vaseline was there. He uses it for his lips, he has dry skin. He likes to take pride in how he looks even in prison. He still wants to be clean. He wants to look good.”

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