Chris Randone lands spot on 'Bachelor in Paradise' after fat shaming fellow contestant on 'The Bachelorette'

Chris Randone lands spot on 'Bachelor in Paradise' after fat shaming fellow contestant on 'The Bachelorette'
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If you weren’t already excited for the next season of ‘Bachelor in Paradise,’ you sure will be now. Chris “Chris R.” Randone and Connor Obrochta from Becca Kufrin’s season of 'The Bachelorette' will be joining the cast of season 5, People reports.

On Monday night, the two were denied a rose by Becca and sent home. But seems like their quest for love does not end just as yet. Chris R. is a sales trainer from Orlando, Florida, and Connor is a fitness coach from St. Petersburg, Florida.

Monday’s group date took a political turn. All the men invited had to campaign for Becca’s heart. The date was set up as a political debate. The debate was humorous; to say at the very least.

Chris R. went to the extent of literally fat shaming fellow contestant Lincoln, calling him a “fat f**k,” because he weights 300 lbs. Of course, Becca did not appreciate any of this name-calling.


At the afterparty, Lincoln attempts to sway Becca to his side by getting the first word in, but he is interrupted by Chris R. So, then Becca and Chris R. try to have a mature conversation (read: try). Becca confronts Chris R. and tells him that he makes people nervous, which Chris denies. “Well, it makes me very uncomfortable,” says Becca. “Well it makes me extremely uncomfortable,” refutes. Of course, that conversation didn’t end well. After successfully ruining Becca’s mood Chris R. gets into a fight with Garrett for successfully ruining Becca’s mood.

Chris R.’s behavior ensured that he didn’t even make it to the rose ceremony. Before the cocktail party, Chris R. makes one last futile attempt to change Becca’s mind about him. Let’s just say he walked right out of the show at the end of that talk.

Speaking of their behavior, Becca said, “Both Lincoln and Chris say that they’re here for me, but the way that they handled themselves around me and during this debate is stupid drama that should not be happening in front of all of these people. It’s so embarrassing that these guys are airing their dirty laundry out for everyone to see. I don’t want to feel like I’m back in elementary school.”


Lincoln has also been in the news for something a lot worse recently. 'The Bachelorette' contestant managed to pass the Bachelor Nation background check despite being convicted of indecent assault. Though the incident occurred on May 30, 2016, but he was only charged on May 21, only one week before ‘The Bachelorette’ returned on television. According to TMZ, during the alleged incident, Lincoln grabbed the woman's hands and placed them on his own chest and stomach before allegedly groping her breasts and grinding up against her.   

Jake Wark, a spokesman for the county's district attorney, told USA today that Lincoln was ordered to stay away from the victim and attend three Alcoholics Anonymous meetings per week during those two years. Furthermore, he was expected to register as sex offender. Jake also mentioned that if Lincoln re-offends or does not abide by the court’s orders, he will be forced to serve out his term behind bars.


The producers of ‘The Bachelorette’ Warner Bros TV said: “No one on ‘The Bachelorette’ production had any knowledge about the incident or charges when Lincoln Adim was cast, and he himself denies ever having engaged in or having been charged with any sexual misconduct.”

The company also mentioned that the background check on Adim was conducted by a reputed third party. They added: "The report we received did not reference any incident or charge relating to the recent conviction — or any other charges relating to sexual misconduct. We are currently investigating why the report did not contain this information, which we will share when we have it."


Other cast members appearing on ‘Bachelor’s in Paradise’ include Astrid Loch from Nick Viall’s season, Annaliese Puccini from Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season 22 of The Bachelor. David Ravitz, another alum from Kufrin’s season will also be joining the cast, along with Joe Amabile.

Season 5 of ‘Bachelor’s in Paradise’ will premiere on August 7, 2018, on the ABC network.


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 Chris Randone to be on Bachelor in Paradise for fat shaming a contestant on The Bachelorette