Chris Paul accused of being rude to Malika Andrews, trolls say he'd be nicer to Rachel Nichols

Some social media users are theorizing Paul's behaviour during the interview was because of Nichols latest replacement

                            Chris Paul accused of being rude to Malika Andrews, trolls say he'd be nicer to Rachel Nichols
Chris Paul is called out for being rude to Malika Andrews (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images; Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images; Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images)

The Suns now have a 1-0 series lead in the Finals. And Chris Paul had 32 points and nine assists in his first-ever NBA Finals game, and the Phoenix Suns took Game 1 over the Milwaukee Bucks 118-105. Following the game, Paul spoke on the court with ESPN's Malika Andrews. And this video interview is not sitting well with many social media users who are calling Paul for being 'rude' to Andrews by 'correcting'. Many social media users are saying that Paul might not have been this rude, and perhaps even nicer if it were Rachel Nichols interviewing him. Earlier on July 6, 2021, Nichols was replaced by Malika Andrews to be the sideline reporter for the Phoenix Suns vs Milwaukee Bucks series, ESPN announced.

Some social media users are theorizing Paul's behavior during the interview was because of Nichols' latest replacement. Some users also called him out for being passive-aggressive and maintaining hostile body language. 


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You can watch the entire video interview here: 


On social media, the criticism came in swiftly. "@CP3 that stanky tone you used in interview with @malika_andrews not cool! Wave to whoever - who cares!" one user called him out. "His whole energy was off" another added. "@CP3 Did you have be so rude & disrespectful to Malika Andrews?" one user asked. Some people asked him why he would talk to Andrews like that - and did not hesitate once before bringing Nichols in the picture. "@CP3 I’m rooting for u to win this championship, but I didn’t like how u talked to  @malika_andrews when she interviewed u, why would u be so nasty in correcting her? If it was Rachel u would not have done that, yes we know the relationship link, just don’t do it again bruh," one user wrote. 






The 26-year-old Andrews has reportedly emerged as an invaluable asset to ESPN across multiple platforms (TV, podcasts, digital), as well as someone who can break news. She had joined ESPN in 2018 and worked as a sideline reporter in the NBA 'bubble' last year. Currently, Andrews happens to be ESPN's only Black female NBA reporter, according to KGW8.

"@CP3 you give that Black woman @malika_andrews a better interview next time man ! We all know your a @Rachel__Nichols boy the hell is wrong with you dog every since you and @KingJames fell out you been faking the funk. I’m on your T.O.P." one user wrote. "IT FELT PASSIVE AGRESSIVE AS FUCK...HES DEFINITELY A Rachel nichols guy smh," another user added. "Am I Buggin or was @CP3 mad Rude to @malika_andrews. Rachel Nichols has some Allys in the league smh" one user wrote.





Social media users extended support for Andrews amidst all the drama at ESPN. "@malika_andrews I support you as a black man and the situation that ESPN has put you in and I hope Chris Paul breaks something important because he was wrong for what he pulled," one wrote.