Chris Evans wishes Paul Rudd a happy birthday as he joins fans to marvel at the 51-year-old's agelessness

Chris Evans jokes that Paul Rudd is celebrating his 30th birthday for the 21st time, and fans online couldn't agree more

                            Chris Evans wishes Paul Rudd a happy birthday as he joins fans to marvel at the 51-year-old's agelessness
Paul Rudd and Chris Evans (Getty Images)

Today marks Paul Rudd's 51st birthday and the 'Ant-Man' star still looks as youthful as ever. Fans took to Twitter to wish the actor a happy birthday and marvel at his apparent agelessness. Chris Evans, who has acted alongside Rudd as Captain America, joined them and wrote, "Happy Birthday to another favorite of mine, Paul Rudd!! Enjoy celebrating the 21st anniversary of your 30th birthday (since that’s clearly the year you stopped aging)!!" 

The fandom is united in its belief that Rudd simply stopped aging early in his career, and now just celebrates his younger birthday on loop, over and over again. "HOW IS PAUL RUDD 51 TODAY WOW THAT MAN DOES NOT AGE. happy birthday king," wrote a fan on Twitter. "I genuinely don’t believe that Paul Rudd turned 51 today. Not even his birth certificate could change my mind," wrote another. "For the 20th straight year it is Paul Rudd’s 30th birthday," claimed this tweet.

Noted podcaster from 'Talk From Superheroes', Diana McCallum, repeated her call from last year asking people to help her find the secret of Rudd's youth. "Paul Rudd turns 50 today and in celebration I am looking for adventurers to join me on my quest to find his Dorian Gray-style painting," she wrote, last year, and retweeted it this year with a simple "Please note I am still taking applications."

Retweeting a picture of a 392-year-old shark, a fan wrote, "I’m sure #PaulRudd would look as ageless when he hits 392." One fan wrote, "Happy birthday to the ever-young living vampire of comedy, dancing and very strong cologne Paul Rudd. He's 51 today and doesn't look a day over 22," while also calling out for fellow fans' favorite Paul Rudd gifs in the comments, making for a delightful scroll of quick Rudd reactions.

For those looking for just that kind of thing, another fan has compiled a thread of Rudd's best onscreen moments here, writing, "HAPPY 51ST BIRTHDAY TO PAUL RUDD! to show this man the appreciation he deserves, here’s a thread of some of his iconic moments."

One fan makes a request of Paul Rudd that mirrors all our sentiments: "Happy birthday to #PaulRudd. Now for the love of god will you please share your skincare routine with us?" 

MEA WorldWide wishes Rudd the very best for his birthday.

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