Chris Evans ‘canceled’: Who is the viral UK host and how is he linked to Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew?

Captain America fans hit back and clarified it is the British host sharing the same name who is being canceled for his alleged link to the Epstein case

                            Chris Evans ‘canceled’: Who is the viral UK host and how is he linked to Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew?
British TV host and American actor who share the same name Chris Evans (Wikipedia Commons/ Getty Images)

Hollywood celebrities must be extremely anxious these days. With at least one of them being called out or ‘canceled’ each day on Twitter, it won’t be surprising if most of them are hitting the refresh button on Twitter every now and then. After several celebrities, the world woke up to #chrisevansisoverparty trend on the micro blogging site on July 22. Naturally, everyone thought that their beloved Captain America actor Chris Evans is being called out. But his fans and other rational social media users were quick to point the mistaken identity – it wasn’t the American actor Chris Evans who was being called out but the British TV and radio host  with the same name, for his alleged links to Jeffrey Epstein.

Actor Chris Evans’s fans rallied behind their star and corrected the confusion. One user said, “#ChrisEvansisoverparty is NOT about the amazing captain america, it's referring to UK DJ and radio show host chris evans. Leave america's a** alone.” Another pointed out, “#ChrisEvansisoverparty It's NOT Captain America Chris Evans it's UK DJ. He hung out with Prince Andrew at his Estate. Please retweet so the right Chris get's dissed.”

Some even openly stated their loyalty towards the actor by stating, “I see #chrisevansisoverparty trending but unless he's done something unforgivable, YOU LEAVE AMERICA'S A** ALONE.” There were users who even hit back at the growing ‘cancel’ culture. A Twitter user said, “Have we not learned Woman facepalming cancel culture is toxic & without proof yall are just sheep following the crowd. Form your own opinions.” An angry fan tweeted, “Are people really starting a #ChrisEvansisoverparty when 6IX9NE had sex with a literal minor, Cardi B admitted to drugging men in her stripper years, Jeffree Star made false claims against a teenager. Your really trying to cancel this sweet ass person instead of them?!”

"Yep. It’s about Chris Evans hanging around with Prince Andrew who’s been accused for sexual abuse/rape of an underage girl," confiremd one. "I can't believe the K-Pop stans thought we were cancelling the Captain America Chris Evans and not the DJ Chris Evans from the UK who meets with Prince Andrew," said one blaming the trend on K-pop fans. More took to spelling it out for ignorant users canceling the actor, saying: "It's about the British DJ Chris Evans who hung out with prince Andrew at his estate, so he's getting cancelled now. well i mean chris evans is problematic for other things too... like chilling w Prince Andrew + Jeffrey Epstein.... and being homophobic AND racist."

The British Evans – full name Christopher James Evans  --is a television presenter and radio DJ. He started his broadcasting career working for Piccadilly Radio, Manchester, as a teenager, before moving to London as a presenter for the BBC's Greater London Radio and then Channel 4 television, where The Big Breakfast made him famous. In May 2000, Evans met teenage pop star Billie Piper, whom he dated for a while. The couple got married on May 6, 2001. However, in 2007, Evans and Piper got divorced.

The British host’s name was mentioned in Epstein's infamous ‘little black book’ which was leaked by OpDeathEaters and tweeted by Anonymous. Evans is also rumored to be close to Prince Andrew, another famous personality with alleged links to Epstein. According to a Daily Mail report last year, “Andrew took part in the BBC interview, during which he denied having sex with Virginia Roberts, who was trafficked by Epstein as a teenager.” He faced a lot of backlash for the same.  The report also suggests, when married, Prince Andrew and wife Sarah lived closer to Chris's Ascot property, at Sunninghill Park.

On May 31, Anonymous tweeted, “You had Jeffrey Epstein killed to cover up your history of child trafficking and rape. We've have the recipts here.” While OpDeathEaters wrote, “We need your help amplifying this and finding more information on #Epstein's net of conspirators. You can start by searching inside his personal address book the infamous 'little black book'; see any familiar names? Post them in the #OpDeathEaters hashtag.”  According to Business Insider, Epstein, 66, was arrested on charges of sex trafficking of minors on July 6 shortly after exiting his private jet in New Jersey. He pleaded not guilty on July 8. However, Epstein has pleaded guilty in 2007 to charges of solicitation of prostitution and procurement of minors for prostitution in Florida.  
While the Internet is strongly reacting to the names mentioned in the viral exposé by Anonymous and OpDeathEaters, no hard proof has yet been provided and the claims are based on allegations made by the group.

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