Who was Chris Delinois? Brooklyn man, 20, killed as gunman fires at his car in posh New York neighborhood

The incident comes just a day after New York City recorded one of its bloodiest gun-related crime weeks since 2020

                            Who was Chris Delinois? Brooklyn man, 20, killed as gunman fires at his car in posh New York neighborhood
The suspect seen fleeing from the crime scene after shooting Chris Delinois (NYPD Crime Stoppers)

MANHATTAN, NEW YORK CITY: In a shocking act of gun-related violence, a 20-year-old man was shot dead in broad daylight, when a gunman opened fire into a car. As reported by the police, the incident took place just after 2.30 pm on Monday, April 26, on the East 95th Street between Lexington and Park avenues. The victim has been identified as Chris Delinois. He was wounded fatally in the stomach and was seated behind the wheel of a parked Honda HRV, according to reports.

The daytime gun homicide occurred on a tree-shaded, townhouse-lined Upper East Side street and was caught on video. The suspect was seen firing at the victim from outside a car, then jumping into the vehicle as he fired more shots at close range. Video released to the media on Friday, April 30, captures the fatal drug-related shooting of Delinois in what cops called a drug deal gone bad.


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Who is Chris Delinois?

Not much is known about Delinois as of now, other than the fact that he was 20 years old and is from Bergen Beach, Brooklyn. He was rushed to Mount Sinai Hospital but was pronounced dead, on account of the fatal wound. There is currently a GoFundMe page hosted in order to help his family with his funeral expenses.

There have been conflicting accounts of what happened during the incident. New York Post reported that Delinois was behind the wheel of the parked Honda HRV. However, as seen in the footage of the crime and as reported by Daily News, Delinois was in the car with three other people. A man was then seen looking through the truck of the car. After being startled, he runs off, only to have the gunman jump out of the backseat of the Honda HRV and open fire. The gunman then proceeded to climb back into the car to shoot at a closer range.

The driver was hot on the gas, resulting in the Honda HRV crashing into a parked car. As per the video footage released by police, the gunman was then seen leaving the scene on foot, running towards Lexington Avenue. The police found a large amount of marijuana in the backseat of the car. Daily News reported that it was allegedly a drug deal gone wrong. While marijuana possession is legal in New York the sale of the same is prohibited.

The suspect was seen shooting at the Honda HRV (NYPD Crime Stoppers)

The incident comes a day after the city recorded one of its most brutal gun-violence-related weeks. As per the New York Post, 50 people were shot in 46 different incidents over seven days -- this data has been recorded by the NYPD.

These gun-related crimes have resulted in a 250 percent plus surge from the same week in 2020. Last year, the NYPD reported 12 shootings and 14 victims around this time, a little over a month into the Covid-19 lockdown. 2019 also saw similar figures as 2020.

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