Naked Chris Cuomo caught strutting his stuff at home in wife Christina's live yoga session

Naked Chris Cuomo caught strutting his stuff at home in wife Christina's live yoga session
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Chris Cuomo was caught naked in his home garden while his wife was filming a live yoga session. The reported incident happened in late May at his Hamptons mansion during a social media yoga session filmed by his wife Cristina Greeven Cuomo.

According to reports, the CNN anchor was seen naked in nature, captured from behind through the large windows of their home, during an Instagram Live yoga video filmed by Cristina. Though the video was deleted soon, some eagle-eyed followers took the screenshot of it. In the screengrab, Chris was seen strutting his stuff in the buff outside his home in Southampton, New York.

The younger brother of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and his wife have not yet said anything about the alleged incident.

The news of Chris Cuomo’s apparent bare body show came after another report claimed that his ratings have gone down by half in two months since he was diagnosed with coronavirus. Data from Nielsen Media Research stated that the television journalist’s ratings have plunged 49 percent since March 30 when he was among the top-ranked cable news hosts. Reports also stated that Cuomo's ratings became alarming all the more following his interview with his brother Andrew, the governor of the state of New York.

In one interview, the Cuomo brothers were seen bantering with each other on Covid-19 tests but it was not taken in good taste by a lot of viewers. The people who were offended by the interview included Janice Dean, a senior meteorologist with Fox News, whose parents-in-law died from the deadly virus. “Twenty percent of our lost loved ones are from nursing homes…because Governor Cuomo and several other governors forced COVID-recovering patients into nursing homes. The fact that I am seeing, last night, him…making fun, inappropriate jokes and insensitive jokes, cruel jokes … make no mistake. I am glad that Chris Cuomo has recovered from COVID because he apparently did have it. And I’m glad that their family is well, but my family is not well. And that is not something to joke about,” Dean said at the time.

However, it was not just Cuomo who witnessed a fall in viewership as people have become increasingly concerned over the pandemic that has claimed more than 102,000 lives in the country. But compared to other hosts like MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and Fox News’ Sean Hannity, his fall has been steeper.

While the CNN host’s spokesperson did not respond when asked about the falling numbers, a source close to Cuomo said it's quite normal for cable news ratings to go up and down depending on the happenings in the news world and it is not alarming, The source added that weekly averages do not give a perfect assessment about the viewership. The 49-year-old’s ratings peaked in the last week of March when he revealed that he tested positive for coronavirus and was isolated in his home basement. He even beat his competitors with 862,000 daily viewers in the age group of 24 to 54. However, his ratings have since dropped 49 percent in the demo and 35 percent overall.

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