Chris Brown-Karrueche Tran's on-and-off relationship: The Rihanna effect, babies and deleted social media posts

Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran were once a hot item but it seems the singer still has feelings for the model-actress even after their ugly split

                            Chris Brown-Karrueche Tran's on-and-off relationship: The Rihanna effect, babies and deleted social media posts
Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown (Getty Images)

Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran were once a hot couple. The 'Look At Me Now' singer may have parted ways with the model-actress a long time ago, but some fans still hope to see the pair together.

It seems like Brown still has feelings for Tran as he recently left a suspicious comment on an Instagram video from an account named 'Karruchris'. It features a fan-made montage of their clips and has Brown's song 'Discover' playing in the background. Surprisingly, Brown saw the video and posted a one-word comment under it: "Damn." Since then, fans can't stop reading between the lines and wondering if there's still scope for the two to reunite.

"He still love her," one wrote and another said, "I see he still holding on." One even joked, "Chris loves all his exes." Meanwhile, a few Tran fans want Brown to leave her alone. "Leave her alone please, I’m so happy for her right now," one comment read and another said, "He hurt her SO bad. I'm just happy she found a good man and has been having a healthy relationship."

Chris Brown and Rihanna (Getty Images)

The Rihanna effect

With all those feelings bubbling under the surface, doesn't it make you feel what exactly went wrong between the couple? Well, here's a timeline of their relationship. Brown and Tran started their love affair in 2011 but it soon ended in heartbreak after a complicated year-long romance embroiled with controversies. In an October 2012 interview with Us Weekly, Brown said, "I have decided to be single to focus on my career... I love Karrueche very much but I don't want to see her hurt over my friendship with Rihanna."

Soon after, Brown publically kissed Rihanna (this was after he had assaulted her in 2009 and had been arrested) in front of a huge crowd at the MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles and a source confirmed to Us Weekly, "Tran felt the kiss was a public slap in the face . . . Seeing him with Rihanna at such a public event made her very angry." To complicate matters, Brown released a video to address the matter himself. Titled, 'The Real Chris Brown', it featured pictures of Brown, Tran and Rihanna, and said, "Is there such thing as loving two people? I don't know if it's possible, but I feel like that." 

Brown seemed to have a weak spot for Rihanna but his attempts at rekindling their relationship failed. In 2015, Rihanna suggested she had closed that chapter in her life and told Vanity Fair: "I’m fine being with myself. I don’t want to really let anybody in. I’ve got too much on my plate, and I’m not even worried about it." Soon after, Brown flew back into the arms of Tran. 

Recording artist Chris Brown (L) and model Karrueche Tran (Getty Images)

Babies and the public shock

In 2015, the final blow came when Tran found out through TMZ that Brown was the father of Nia Guzman's baby Royalty. She was in tears and reportedly said on Real 92.3's 'Big Boy’s Morning Show', "I was like, ‘Oh..OK…Ugh!'" adding, "I called him, I cussed him out, and I was like [dusts hands off]." She stressed on it further saying, "I am 100 percent single." 

According to the same report, she even went on to say, "After the whole Rihanna thing, we’ve been trying to fix what was broken. And that was just the icing on the cake. So I just had to completely pull away." Then, the two officially broke up and she was granted a five-year restraining order against the singer. Soon, Brown welcomed another child with Ammika Harris named Aeko Brown. Meanwhile, Tran found love with Victor Cruz and has been in a relationship with him for the last three years.

However, Brown's continued attempts with posted-and-deleted social media posts have only made it worse, especially when he put out a music video that featured Tran on Valentine's Day. With the latest comments on Instagram, Brown only seems "obsessed" and "desperate" and that's just sad. 

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