Chip Gaines fanboying over his wife Joanna outside 'Today' will melt your heart!

Chip Gaines fanboying over his wife Joanna outside 'Today' will melt your heart!
Joanna Gaines (L) and Chip Gaines (R)

Chip Gaines sure does know how to charm a woman and we think Joanna Gaines is probably the luckiest person in the world right now as the 'Fixer Upper' star was spotted fanboying over his wife outside 'Today'. On Tuesday (April 24), Joanna had stopped by Today in New York City to celebrate the release of her cookbook, Magnolia Table.

While she was welcomed by many fans who were eagerly waiting there to catch a glimpse of her, there was one person in particular that stood out and it happened to be none other than her loving husband with whom she is expecting a fifth child. Joanna ever shared the picture on her Instagram and could not stop herself from expressing the joy of having a supportive husband like Chip. 

“Thanks for the support @chipgaines,” she wrote. “I [heart] Joanna Gaines!" At the same time, Chip also posted a video of him fanboying over his wife.

The couple recently revealed that they are going to welcome a baby boy soon. In one of the episodes of the 'Today' show, the reality stars spoke about the possible name they would like to give their son. "I want a C name and he [Chip] wants a D name," Joanna said during the episode. "I say he got the boy, so I get to pick the name."

The couple already has two sons whose name starts with 'D'. With their oldest son named Drake and the second one named  Duke, it just seems like the pair will end up naming their third son with the letter 'D' as well. While it may look like the letter D for their son's name happens to be a tradition, Chip believes that Joanna wants to change things this time around.

At the same time, Joanna also opened up about pregnancy being different at the age of 40. She believes she has a lot more craving for things that a 5-year-old would want. To make things easier for her, she feels she is free from work and can focus on making sure that her pregnancy is smooth. 

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