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Chilling video shows Jayjon Burnett, 15, shot dead after fight on subway, suspect not indicted for murder

While the jury failed to indict suspect Keyondre Russell, 18, on murder charges, it indicted him on possession of weapons
UPDATED OCT 23, 2022
Jayjon Burnett (R) was shot dead after a fight between two groups broke out on NYC subway (L) (New York Post/video screenshot and Go Fund Me)
Jayjon Burnett (R) was shot dead after a fight between two groups broke out on NYC subway (L) (New York Post/video screenshot and Go Fund Me)

Warning: This article contains graphic content that could be traumatic for some readers. Discretion is advised

QUEENS, NEW YORK: A distressing video from the altercation between two groups that resulted in the shooting of a 15-year-old boy in the MTA subway train, has surfaced online. The 58-second video also shows two groups of teens fighting on the subway car floor on October 14 before a burst of gunfire horrified the onlookers. The incident left Jayjon Burnett, 15, succumbing to a bullet wound to the chest, and a day later, alleged suspect Keyondre Russell was taken into custody.

The 18-year-old suspect was initially accused of two counts of criminal weapon possession and murder. The jury, however, failed to indict Russell on murder charges. According to Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz’s office, the jury indicted him on two counts of tampering with physical evidence, two counts of menacing and weapons possession charges, reported New York Post.


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Russell was also injured in the incident but the video doesn't explain how two people, Burnett and Russell, were hit by what appears to be just one bullet. This is the ninth homicide in the subway system this year. As per New York Post, Burnett's distraught mother, Christine Alvarez, said, "They got him for a gun charge only."

Meanwhile, Burnett's parents insisted that police apprehend the correct suspect in their son's murder. The disturbing video depicts seconds before and after the shooting when the teens were fighting on the train before a single shot was fired.

Russell is scheduled to appear in court regarding the charges on November 3. The charge of possessing weapons carries a maximum 15-year prison term.
Peter St George Davis, Russell’s lawyer, argued at the court that the teen was shot in the leg after being jumped by others and did not possess a gun. He assumed that the bullet struck Burnett after striking Russell. “I’m eager to see what the evidence is for what he’s charged with,” Davis said. “He’s 100% innocent of the murder and the grand jury presentation bears that out.” As per Russell's attorney, the alleged suspect, who has no prior convictions, left school after the tenth grade and lived with his mother and siblings.

It's still unknown if the teenagers knew one another despite their Far Rockaway homes being only a mile apart.