'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina': Don't expect Kiernan Shipka's Sabrina to give you Melissa Joan Hart blues

She's brave and she's reckless. As 16-year-old Sabrina from the dark universe of Archie Comics comes to our screens this Friday, here is all you need to know about the character.

                            'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina': Don't expect Kiernan Shipka's Sabrina to give you Melissa Joan Hart blues

New Sabrina Spellman, Kiernan Shipka, got her blessings from the '90s Sabrina Spellman, played by Melissa Joan Hart, via a Twitter exchange, Meaww has learned. So, the new witch is set to get started on her magic spells and potions, but here's noting that she is hardly anything like the teenage witch we once knew; don't expect nostalgia.

With Salem, her cat familiar (who does not talk), Greendale's Sabrina from the Archie Comics universe deals more with darker magic that involves killing and resurrecting. Yes, she is bubbly, but only to an extent of prancing around her mortal friends.

The youngest Spellman witch learns her craft from her aunts, Hilda and Zelda, but as an amateur witch at the start of the series, makes hilarious and not-so-funny mistakes. So yes, our beloved witch has retained her clumsiness and while we did not complain about that in the 1996-2003 sitcom, we might have to worry about it this time because this is a darker tale created by the same showrunners of The CW's 'Riverdale.'

Caught in a fix regarding her dark-baptism on the blood moon night of her 16th Birthday, where Sabrina's dual nature, as a witch or a mortal is to be determined by signing her name in the Book of the Beast, she cannot give up the mortal world; that takes the central plot of the 10-episode-run season one.

Her witchcraft is a secret from her mortal friends, so, she lives a rather normal life, dating her school sweetheart Harvey Kinkle, and being actively involved in feminist projects and clubs at Baxter High. However, in the world of witches and warlocks, her half-human identity is not unknown. She is heavily despised, especially by the three Weird Sisters, at the Academy of the Unseen Arts.

Sabrina's deceased father was once the High Priest who fell in love with her mortal mother. Even though we don't see her parents, we sense their presence lurking in Sabrina's consciousness. She learns her father was a genius at various witchcrafts, which of course explains Sabrina's intelligence and quick wit, while her mother was a kind compassionate woman, which explains Sabrina's empathy. But added to all these qualities, Sabrina is fierce- challenging every witch-doctrine and practice in the world of the Dark Lord aka Satan.

Sabrina Carpenter
Sabrina Carpenter

The horror-noir series, which the show makers call a crossover tone of 'Rosemary’s Baby' and 'The Exorcist,'  will see our protagonist battle several demons, her witchy battle rounds only complete by a hint of recklessness and a lot of Latin-sounding spells. If the previous Sabrina made your heart flutter, this new one will churn a storm; thanks to Shipka's adept skills in the world of witchcraft. No! She is not a witch, but she's got her witchy game on! 

The 'Mad Men' actress believes playing this role was forever her "calling," and growing up in Los Angeles, the 18-year-old actress admitted to loving crystals and being fascinated with witchcraft. 

'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' begins streaming Friday, October 26, on Netflix.