'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' season 2: 7 burning questions we have on Netflix's upcoming witchy installment

One whole season down and a special episode later, we still don't have answers for the questions we started the show with

                            'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' season 2: 7 burning questions we have on Netflix's upcoming witchy installment

Season 2 of 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina," is just around the corner and even before assembling all the details we know about the upcoming installment, fans have a number of burning questions to muse upon till the witchy show drops on April 5.

The first look and the trailer have it all; teenage witch Sabrina Spellman (Kiernan Shipka) flaunts a lighter shade of hair paired with dark attires and even darker magic as she attempts to burn down her mortal school, Baxter High. It is also evident that there's an unavoidable love triangle, as she rekindles a romance with ex, Harvey Kinkle (Ross Lynch) while sparking a new one with handsome warlock Nicholas Scratch (Gavin Leatherwood). 

Before we delve into this rather complicated story of a half-witch half-mortal trying to find answers when surrounded by manipulative characters, we have these burning questions that we hope season 2 will answer.




How did Sabrina's parents die?

When Sabrina saw her mother caught in a limbo, where spirits are trapped, 'The Midwinter's Tale,' answered the reason why she was there. Her mother, Diana, was worried that no one would take care of her little girl. On seeing her so well taken care of by her aunts, her mother's spirit is set free, but the question of how did she die is still unanswered. In season 1, it was repetitively said that Edward, Sabrina's father, and mother died in a plane crash but that is far from the truth as the family has their own dark secrets. 

Will Sabrina and Harvey get back?


Sabrina and Harvey get cozy in season 2 (Netflix)
Sabrina and Harvey get cozy in season 2 (Netflix)

Sabrina's resurrection spell was a blunder and ultimately ruined her relationship with Harvey. Even in the special episode, he had not forgiven her. Is it possible that in season 2 he's moved on and ready to start anew? The released stills tells us so.

Will Sabrina and Nicholas have a thing?


Sabrina and Nicholas enjoy a dance in season 2 (Netflix)
Sabrina and Nicholas enjoy a dance in season 2 (Netflix)

What the released stills also tells us is that there is an inevitable love triangle. Could the dual nature of Sabrina give her the license to have two boyfriends? A mortal and a warlock?

What's up with Aunt Hilda's boyfriend?

In season 1 Aunt Hilda began working at the quirky bookstore downtown Greendale and sparked a romantic relationship with the owner,  Dr. Cerberus. But in the final episode, after Hilda kissed him, he turned around and his were glowing. Fans gasped and immediately questioned what could he be? A vampire? Demon? Werewolf? Warlock?

Will Rosalind and Susie's supernatural connection be explained?

Good news is that Sabrina and her mortal friends are mending their friendship, thanks to the special episode we have answers to the burning questions we wrapped up season 1 with. But now the important question is the supernatural powers of Rosalind and Susie as they are as gifted as Sabrina. Rosalind's developing blindness stems from a thing known as the "Cunning," a curse from witches past, which, however, is a blessing in guise as she has premonitions and can forsee the future. Susie can communicate with her ancestor Dorothea Putnam and the question is how?

What about Baby Leticia?

In season 1 Aunt Zelda stole Father Blackwood's first born baby because he would've killed the baby had he found out that it was a girl. So Zelda lied and told him that her twin boy ate the other baby up. In 'The Midwinter's Tale,' mischievous witch, Dezmelda, thirsts to get her hands on baby Leticia and by fooling the witch they get away. However, Aunt Zelda makes a decision to send baby Leticia away to be looked after by her cousins, but is it possible we see Leticia in season 2? All grown up and powerful?

Why is Sabrina's hair silver?


Satan features in season 2 (Netflix)
Satan features in season 2 (Netflix)

Probably her hair went lighter because her magic got darker. Actually, we'll just have to wait and see why Sabrina got a brand new look.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 2 premieres on April 5 on Netflix.