Harvey and Roz will never compare to Sabrina and Nicholas as 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' Part 2 shatters OG couple

Harvey and Roz will never compare to Sabrina and Nicholas as 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' Part 2 shatters OG couple

By the end of Part 2 of 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,' (CAOS) Sabrina Spellman seemed comfortable being around Harvey Kinkle, her ex-boyfriend, and Roz Walker, her best friend, despite the fact they are dating shortly after Sabrina and Harvey called it quits. Fans, on the other hand, are definitely not comfortable.

The Netflix series' Part 2 premiered April 5, but the discussion is still raging and looks like the eager anticipation for Part 3 and 4 is soaring. While fans have taken to see a future between Sabrina and her warlock boyfriend, Nicholas Scratch - as the half-witch is set to rescue him from hell and from the clutches of Lucifer, who has possessed his body - fans refuse to ship Harvey and Roz together despite the fact that the actors playing the characters, namely Ross Lynch and Jaz Sinclair, are rumored to be dating in real life.

Harvey Kinkle and Roz Walker (Netflix screenshot)

"I agree that there is no chemistry. It’s just a very lackluster relationship imo [in my opinion]. Just [because] they’re together in real life doesn’t mean they’ll have chemistry on screen," a Reddit user replied to a query on what they thought about Roz and Harvey being together. "They also put them together waaay too fast because they were saying I love you super quickly. That part felt forced and didn’t work," added another Reddit user.

Among all the Reddit discussions on 'CAOS,' the topic of Harvey and Roz seems to be the one that has divided the fan base the most. While some support the two getting together, since Roz did not backstab Sabrina and kept her in the loop of all romantic developments, others opine that dating your best friend's ex is off limits. Refer 'Mean Girls.'


"I'm very strict on the you don't date your friend's exes rule so I was very uncomfortable. Plus I didn't really see much chemistry between the two of them," stated one Reddit user and another argued; "I don't get you, people. The ex doesn't belong to me, they can date whoever they want, albeit my friends. Moreover, why would I stop my friend from being with someone they like? Of course, if the said friend weren't trying to steal my ex behind my back, which anyway is not the case for Sabrina and Roz."

Roz and Sabrina in Part 1 of CAOS (Netflix)

Many fans allege that the build-up of the relationship was way too sudden that being uncomfortable was the only option. Even Theo felt uncomfortable watching them together!

The lack of development actually made it seem as though Harvey was trying so hard to get over Sabrina that he went for Roz in her absence and not because he fell in love. The immediate hookup scene as soon as Sabrina returned substantiated the argument that Harvey was not as much into Roz as Roz was into him. Only when Sabrina promised she would not come back into his life again with romantic intentions did Harvey give Roz the importance. Till then, it just seemed like he needed to get over Sabrina.

Besides the lack of build up, another major factor that makes Harvey's and Roz's relationship a no-no is the guilt that comes with this relationship. "The guilt and shame Roz felt for her crush just made the whole fling feel wrong, and it was difficult to understand their attraction for each other to look past it. Maybe the pairing would have worked if they had gotten together in the final episode, after preventing the apocalypse and actually going through something life-changing together," said a Reddit user and many agreed.


On the other hand, Nick and Sabrina feel like a perfect pair, as the half-witch embraced her darkness in Part 2. With more darkness to come in the coming seasons, it's best for Sabrina to be with Nick and cast all-powerful magic together even if that means shattering the idea of OG couple, Sabrina and Harvey. We aren't in the 20th century anymore, and Satan and his pawns are pretty cool. 

Sabrina with Nicholas Scratch (Netflix)

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