8 burning questions we have after 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' Part 2 wrapped up with an explosive finale

8 burning questions we have after 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' Part 2 wrapped up with an explosive finale

Sabrina Spellman (Kiernan Shipka) and her mortal friends are all geared up for a fiery, daring and adventurous ride to hell to rescue her suave handsome warlock boyfriend, Nicholas Scratch (Gavi Leatherwood) from Lucifer's (Luke Cook) possession in hell. Pulling off a Sleeping Beauty, Nicholas's rescue will unfurl in part 3 of 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,' and while fans patiently await, here are the burning questions we have from the explosive finale.

Actually, who knew the plot twist the Dark Archie Comics adaptation had for us? However, pairing Sabrina Spellman with a warlock instead of her mortal boyfriend, Harvey Kinkle, is a welcome change. The magic is deep, dark and exciting. And here are the stirring questions which need to be answered in Part 3 and 4.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 2 (Keyart: Netflix)

1. Is Sabrina the Satan version of Jesus Christ?

How did Sabrina's mother, Diana Spellman, get pregnant with Lucifer Morningstar's child? Was it like how Mary was conceived through the Holy Spirit and Sabrina, in the same way, by the Unholy Spirit? The allusions to Jesus' miracles and the three kings are all too uncanny revolving around the birth and prophecies of the teenage witch. The story is strikingly similar to the Bible, but it's, of course, the Satanic version of it. Do we actually believe that Sabrina Spellman is not a Spellman?

2. Has Ambrose's sentence been lifted?

Ambrose Spellman played by Chance Perdomo (Netflix)

In the Part 2 finale, we saw Ambrose and Prudence come together to hunt down Professor Blackwood and they are resolute to kill him, especially Prudence, who swore she would kill him after he poisoned the entire coven. It is to be noted that Ambrose was still under house arrest, the last time we checked, and only had access to the Academy of the Unseen Arts, where he was serving as the head boy. So, Ambrose setting out on a mission would mean that his sentence has been pardoned. Has it?


3. Is Sabrina a powerful witch or just a regular one?

Remember how the half-witch shook the entire coven when she resurrected the dead without any spells and her vegetable version needed no effort to kill four warlocks with a movement of her hand? Father Blackwood had questioned how a half-witch managed all that and the answer came soon enough when it was revealed that Sabrina is the "Herald of Hell," and is no ordinary witch. Once her powers were restored by Lilith, we did not see any of her magic and we aren't sure how powerful she is. Is she still the Herald of Hell after passing her crown as the Queen of Hell to Lilith?

4. Where did Blackwood and the twins go?

Prudence does one major blunder in Part 2. In order to win her father's affection, she discloses to Father Blackwood about Leticia, his first-born daughter, who Zelda hides in Part 1 fearing Blackwood may kill the firstborn because he longed for a son. Blackwood disclosed to Prudence that his ambition to strengthen the Blackwood bloodline is vile to the point where he would groom the twins to wed each other and "purify" the Blackwood blood. After poisoning the entire coven besides the four of them, Blackwood has gone MIA to avoid bending his knee to a Spellman, mainly Sabrina. The question is where did he go and what will be of the twins?


5. Was Miss Wardwell really Sabrina's second gift by Lilith?

Madam Satan is now the principal of Baxter High (Netflix)


In exchange for Sabrina's help in procuring the crown of hell, Lilith grants Sabrina two gifts. First is the return of her powers and the second, which Madam Satan said will be known in few days' time, was revealed as Miss Wardwell, Sabrina's favorite teacher come back to life. In episode one, Miss Wardwell was murdered by Lilith and possessed by her throughout all the run, but her return in the finale Part 2 makes us question if Miss Wardwell is really back and what guise has Lilith put up in hell?

6. Is Lucifer Morningstar really that bad?

Lucifer Morningstar is Sabrina's father (Netflix)

So, Sabrina has firmly stood up against the patriarchal practices of the Church of the Night, especially under Father Blackwood's priesthood. But as the council and the Anti-Pope demonstrated, the Church of the Night is flexible and Sabrina's father Edward Spellman had decided to place an ultimatum suggesting a harmonious relationship between the mortals and the witches. Sabrina, who is a half-mortal, half-witch, even if she is Lucifer's daughter is begotten by Diana Spellman, a mortal. So, would the Dark Lord be that bad?

7. How will the Church of Lilith affect the other covens?

Given how revered the Dark Lord is and how seeped with patriarchy the covens are (remember the Feasts of Feasts?) How will rest of the covens around the world react to the fact that the Dark Lord is trapped in a body of a teenager and Lilith has taken over hell. Would that mean there's a war among covens coming?

8. Will the gates of hell open again?

Sabrina is soon going to pull a knight in shining silver (bob) to rescue Nick, and that would mean sneaking into hell. How is she going to open the gates of hell? Blow another Gabriel’s horn again? What would that mean for Greendale?

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