'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina': Don't be deluded by Aunt Hilda's colorful cake, she's a darker witch than you think

Sabrina Spellman's nicer aunt Hilda Spellman is a dark character who occassionally dreams of burning the Greendale Woods

                            'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina': Don't be deluded by Aunt Hilda's colorful cake, she's a darker witch than you think

A nice witch who found herself in a dark fairytale is definitely Hilda Spellman in Netflix's upcoming thriller the 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.' An expert in potions, a baker of paramount quality cakes, an empathic custodian of dead bodies and a loving lenient guardian to the youngest Spellman witch, Sabrina Spellman. The 500-year-old aunt has been established as a nice good character starkly contrasting her sister, Zelda Spellman, but if the latest series is the guide to explore, then you wouldn't want to bet on her as an ideal aunt. 

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Played by Lucy Davis, Hilda, often sighs "Poor dear!" in her accentuated British accent to refer to any pitiable character or situation, when in fact she is one of the most pitiable characters who has been killed and resurrected over and over. Her frustration rests heavy on her brows but her bubbly smile suggests that she muses over trivial happiness such as an extract from a book or a funny thing somebody serious said, but that is only the part and parcel of being a jovial human, (scratch that) witch. 

Lucy Davis (Source: Getty Images)
Lucy Davis (Source: Getty Images)

A genius with potions, her character is not only integral to state the obvious play of a good cop vs. bad cop but also heal the young naive witch of curse spells. Hilda Spellman is a darker witch than you can fathom so here's a warning: don't be deluded by her giggly personality baking a colorful cake. Her coffee or even her tier pastry can come with consequences.

In one of the initial trailers released, it is more than evident that she is not the witch who talks about unicorns and rainbows, rather her bedtime story to Sabrina is about her dark desire to set the Greendale Woods on fire.

The teenage witch who has her Dark Baptism coming up in few days seeks emotional comfort from her friendly aunt asking Hilda what it was like signing her name into the 'Book of the Beast'. Hilda reminisces and whispers "Us girls didn't have any options back then. It's just simply what was done." Which obviously indicates that she is not as devout to the Church of the Night or the Dark Lord as her sister. Hilda further hushes that her decisions as a teenager have haunted her from time to time and she's dreamt about burning the notorious woods of Greendale.

As the music gets intense, she abruptly snaps out of her dark monologue and cheerfully tucks Sabrina in bed "have a lovely little sleep, my darling," she says it aloud with a wide smile. Hilda's merry nature cannot be dismissed but we know that darkness lurks right beneath, hence proved.

Add to that, her familiars (witch's spirit animal) are spiders, which reflects her silent and hardly harmful character is creeping in the shadows ready to trap anyone who crosses her.

Sabrina's battle for her half-mortal and half-witch identity constitutes the plot of the story but it is not hard to see the side aunt Hilda prefers. Hilda's own empathetic and sympathetic nature makes her look less of a dark witch but in 'Behold Satan!', she is a powerful witch.