"It was so amazing": Lia Frankland on working with Charlize Theron for upcoming film 'Tully'

"It was so amazing": Lia Frankland on working with Charlize Theron for upcoming film 'Tully'
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There is no age for one to pursue their dreams, and Lia Frankland has proved it. At the mere age of eight, Lia was able to grab the opportunity of working side-by-side with Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron and other well-known actors such as Mackenzie Davis, Mark Duplass, and Ron Livingston, for the film 'Tully', which is nothing short of a dream for many aspiring actors in Hollywood.

While almost everyone knows Charlize, Lia was not quite familiar with her, but once they started working together, they created many memories to cherish. 

"It was so amazing working with Charlize Theron!" Lia told Meaww. "I was only eight at the time so when I auditioned I didn’t even know who she was, if you can believe that. Looking back at it now, sometimes I can’t even believe that it happened. She was really welcoming and nice to me. I just hope that I was able to pick up some things from her acting."

Lia was one of the lucky ones who got to hang out with Charlize as the two often spent time together between shots and sometimes, even had lunch together. "I remember one time I was looking at her mac and cheese and she just gave it to me to eat," Lia recalled. While she spent a good amount of time with Charlize, Lia was also loved by the other cast members as much as she loved them. 



"The adult cast members were a lot of fun between scenes," she said. "Ron Livingston would often joke around and play games with me and the other kids on the set. I had thumb wars with Mark Duplass and I won every time, but I think maybe he let me. Our director Jason Reitman was also really nice and kept things fun. I remember him playing cars with my on-screen brother Asher Miles Fallica."

Lia believes that working on the sets of 'Tully' was an experience that she will never forget, and even though she did not ask any particular advice from any of the cast and crew of the film, she does not regret it. The excitement and fun which came by working with such skilled people was something that was going to stay with her for life. 

'Tully', which is set to hit the theater on May is an American comedy-drama film directed by Jason Reitman and written by Diablo Cody. The movie revolves around the friendship between the mother of three (Marlo which is played by Charlize) and her babysitter. In the movie, Lia plays the part of Sarah, Marlo's eldest daughter. 



"Sarah is eight years old and is really smart for her age," Lia said of her character in the upcoming film. Lia believes that one thing that is common between her and the character of Sarah is how they both are bold enough to speak their mind. "She is not scared to say exactly what she thinks, and I can relate to that," she said. 

However, there are differences between the two as well. "Sarah doesn’t feel like she is getting enough attention from her parents though because she has a new baby sister and her brother has some issues. That part is not like me at all because I’m an only child, so I had to imagine what that would be like," she added. 

From a young age, Lia has been drawn towards the art of acting. Mixing fun with her love for portraying a different character every time, she always knew that acting was her real calling. "I had been involved in musical theatre from a really young age," she said. "I think I was three or four when I started taking classes. I always liked pretending to be other characters, and performing is super fun for me. I started taking acting classes when I was six years old, and I totally loved it."



While there is no doubt that Lia loved working with Charlize, she still has an actress in her mind who she wants to work with soon in the future. When quizzed about who that person is, pat came the reply - Meryl Streep. She believes that if she gets an opportunity to work with her, she will be able to cross one thing off her bucket list. 

"I would really love to work with Meryl Streep. I’m hoping that she’ll do 'Mamma Mia 3' one day and maybe I can act and sing in it too! That would be another dream come true," she said.

Apart from acting Lia loves to play the piano, sing in her local choir, and make slime out of household items. At the same time, she is multilingual and speaks English, Spanish, French, and Greek, and is determined to teach her pet lovebird Twinkie to speak all four languages.

Lia confessed that she is always on a lookout for interesting stories and at the moment, she would love to do a character which is different and unique, maybe that of a villain! Well, we hope she gets to play such a character on screen soon!


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