Chicago woman falls out of car window and is crushed to death as she stuck her head out to yell 'Bye, Miami'

23-year-old Mariah Michelle Logan died after she was thrown onto the road while heading to the airport and was crushed by a Range Rover.

                            Chicago woman falls out of car window and is crushed to death as she stuck her head out to yell 'Bye, Miami'

A Chicago woman lost her life last week while she was on her way back home from vacation. She was thrown out of the car in which she was traveling to the airport and was subsequently crushed by an SUV, whose driver then ran away from the scene.

According to the Miami Herald, 23-year-old Mariah Michelle Logan, a mental health technician from Gurnee, Illinois, had traveled down to Miami last week with three of her friends, 24-year-old Trina Frazier, 23-year-old Aaliyah Frazier, and 23-year-old Kenyatta Burch, to celebrate the latter's birthday.

After spending three days in the city, the friends rented a Hyundai to take them to the Miami International Aiport, which is when tragedy struck. At around 4:43 am, down the near-empty Airport Expressway, Logan struck her head out of the right rear passenger window and yelled, 'Bye, Miami.' Around the same time, the driver switched lanes, resulting in the 23-year-old flying out of the car and landing on the road, where another car ran over her and crushed her to death.

The Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) confirmed an unknown male driver in a Range Rover was traveling behind the cab when Logan fell on the road, and that he ran over the 23-year-old once. They also revealed that the driver stopped briefly at the scene before taking off.

The case is reportedly being investigated as a traffic homicide, with FHP already having talked to witnesses. However, investigators will be hindered by the fact that the state's surveillance cameras posted along such highways run by the Department of Transportation do not record footage and only stream in real time because of the impracticality behind recording such massive amounts of data.

Burch, Logan's friend of 12 years, was devastated. "I’m still grieving," she told the Miami Herald. "I lost my best friend, my sister. Blood cannot make us closer." The other two friends did not comment on their friend's death.

Her boyfriend of one year, Ray Olden, said he was called the moment it happened and that he did not know how to take the news of her death. "[They kept] saying that my baby was gone, fell out the window and was hit by a car," he said. "I started screaming and they were crying and said they had to call her sisters and that they were so sorry."

He said the 23-year-old was "just being silly" and "loved life" and that they had even begun discussing marriage and how they would spend their lives together. "They [her friends] are devastated, as am I," he revealed. "There's just a silence in the air. It's not real yet."

"It was a birthday trip," said Xylina Griffin, Logan's sister told ABC 7. "They went to have fun. They did have fun. I saw so many pictures and things. It just didn't end the way it was supposed to."  "The way it happened, it's not easy to accept a person going out like that. She was an angel," Griffin said.

Griffin said Logan was one of 13 brothers and sisters. "She was a walking angel to everybody and anybody she met. Her friends, family. Anyone will tell you," Griffin said. "Her smile would brighten up a room. She didn't have to say anything. She was always praying for people, letting them know that God was there if you need him. She was big on church." 

FHP spokesman Alejandro Camacho said details about witness accounts would not be available for at least 90 days. Meanwhile, her friends and family are raising money to transport her body back home, where they plan to give her a proper burial,