Chicago police investigating retired sergeant who 'forced transgender woman to perform sex act on him'

Chicago police investigating retired sergeant who 'forced transgender woman to perform sex act on him'

Chicago police are currently investigating allegations that a now-retired sergeant had allegedly threatened and forced a 39-year-old transgender woman to perform a sex act on him while inside a marked police vehicle on duty. 

The African-American transgender woman went to the hospital to report the assault, which happened in March, and also handed in what she described as DNA evidence of the officer. She also claimed that the sergeant was on duty at the time of the assault and also threatened to arrest her if she did not comply with his demands.

The story was first published by the Chicago Tribune which reported that the details of the investigation are included in documents the publication has obtained. 

The transgender woman was threatened and told she would be arrested if she did not comply (Pixabay)


According to department spokesman Anthony Guglielmi, following an internal investigation, the sergeant was stripped off his powers and has since retired.

The authorities did not identify the retired officer as he has not been charged in connection to the alleged sexual assault. 

According to reports, On March 5, the transgender woman was walking in the Fifth and Cicero avenues when the sergeant parked his police vehicle and asked her what she was doing there. The woman responded saying she was going home. She was accompanied by a man whom she called her boyfriend and said that he was acting as her security at the time. The sergeant reportedly told the woman that unless she wanted to go to jail, she needed to perform a sex act on him because "that's what you do" she told detectives. 

The sergeant proceeded to order the woman into his car and drove to an alley where he forced her to perform the sex act. She said that she did so only out of fear.

Before midnight that same day, she went to the Rush University Medical Center and gave in DNA evidence which she said she had secretly kept to pin the sergeant. The victim did not do a rape kit and did not follow up as she was scared.

She came forth with her story around three weeks later after being picked up by cops on a shoplifting charge. 

According to records obtained by Chicago Tribune, in 1997, the same sergeant was on the verge of getting fired after an internal investigation found that he and a partner had threatened to plant drugs on a felon unless he turned over an illegal gun. 

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