'Chicago PD' Season 8 Episode 2: Is there sexual tension between Miller and Voight? Fans say 'just f**k already'

Their professional tension has fans of the show predicting that it just might lead to something more and they are all for it

                            'Chicago PD' Season 8 Episode 2: Is there sexual tension between Miller and Voight? Fans say 'just f**k already'

And just like that, 'Chicago PD' is off our television again. Returning only last week following an extended break due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the NBC hit show is now off for its winter break. Amid growing tensions between Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) and probably every other white cop in the building, 'Chicago PD' is going through an important period of reform.

Change is inevitable albeit difficult, but on 'Chicago PD', it can also be life-threatening. And while Kevin was fighting the Blue Wall all by himself, we know that when the show returns in January 2021, he's going to be a changed man.

The show might have taken a break, but not before leaving us with something to look forward to β€” are Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) and Detective Superintendent Samatha Miller (Nicole Ari Parker) going to be a thing? Fans can't help but think that Hank's new boss is is "bout to be Voight's new boo". Another said, "Just fuck already Miller and Voight #ChicagoPD."





Nicole Ari Parker's character is a new addition to the police department and is here to bring in police reform. In the Season 8 premiere episode, she confronts Voight regarding his old-school, and basically, off-the-book methods, particularly the cage: "The days of playing God are over. The quicker you understand that the better," she had told him. 

But in this episode, their professional tension, has fans predicting that it might lead to something more. "I could see Miller and Voight starting something. I see some sexual tension. #ChicagoPD" a fan tweeted. At the beginning of the episode, Miller is conscious of her see-through shirt and asks Voight if he can see her bra. Might have been an awkward moment for him but quite the enjoyable one for fans. "I might be wrong but I kinda like Voight and Miller vibes," another fan added.




Regardless of whether this duo will make it, fans of the show are rooting for this. "Hank might have him a love interest this season and I’m here for it  #ChicagoPD." Another fan concurred, "I am picking up on some chemistry between Voight and Miller, and, I might... like it? I don't know what to do with this. Don't judge me. #ChicagoPD"




If you are rooting for the two, join the club. But we have to wait till next year to know anything more. 'Chicago PD' will return on January 6, 2021, at 10/ 9c on NBC.

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