'Chicago Med' Season 6 Episode 1: Is the show taking Covid-19 too seriously or not enough? Fans divided

The way that 'Chicago Med' handles the pandemic has fans split down three ways and it appears you can't please everyone

                            'Chicago Med' Season 6 Episode 1: Is the show taking Covid-19 too seriously or not enough? Fans divided

Fans of 'Chicago Med' have come back to see things have changed in a major way at their favorite Chicago hospital, as the opening minutes took the time to show just how much things have changed with the Covid-19 pandemic.

The emergency procedures that have been put in place have split the fandom three ways — those who admire the steps the show has taken, those who feel like the show shouldn't be taking Covid-19 seriously and those who feel like 'Chicago Med' isn't taking the pandemic seriously enough.

As a medical drama that prides itself on being current, it's only natural that the show would be covering the pandemic but many are upset that NBC is mixing entertainment with the seriousness of a pandemic when all these fans want is escapism. "I'm sick of covid being a part of the tv shows you watch them to escape reality not see more of it," wrote one fan.

"Chicago Med. WAS a favorite show. But now tonight it's all this covid bullshit. Off goes the TV!!! So friggin' tired if this shit!#!" said another. "Watching Chicago Med, ridiculous, They should not have COVID story line TV is entertainment and is to help us forget reality not enforce it," wrote a viewer. "I don’t understand why med shows lean so hard into Covid. Did y’all run out of original stories?" a user tweeted.








On the other end of the spectrum are those who feel the show is falling short of taking things seriously. By necessity, the show needs to be able to see its actors' faces, meaning that there are many in the emergency room who aren't wearing masks for protection or not portraying tests seriously. "Why? Why are doctors at Chicago Med without masks inside the hospital? And why Will did a Covid-19 test by mouth and not nose?" wrote a fan.

"Why are they not wearing masks IN THE EMERGENCY ROOM" asked another. "#ChicagoMed out of the gate they portray getting a Covid test as a mouth swab," noted one user. "I started with YAY then you had the ER with no masks. Especially a kid with cancer? Not an ER in the world going maskless. You have a chance to lead by example. Covid neg means they were Covid then. Don’t know about tomorrow! MASKS!" wrote a viewer.

"If #chicagomed used any actual people with real knowledge of covid protocols I’d be shocked. It’s more important for them to show actor’s faces," stated a tweet.










There are many who do appreciate what the show has been doing, however, including actual medical workers, whose opinion is possibly the most relevant here, though they do note that the Gaffney Chicago Medical Center has a leg-up that other hospitals just don't. "I worked in a hospital for 21 years and we never had anything as high tech as these tests for #covid that @NBCOneChicago #ChicagoMed have," wrote a viewer.

"Chicago Med giving us a good behind the scenes of a hospital during pandemic protocols. Well, a hospital with resources," said another. "#ChicagoMed Thank you for the new episode that deals with COVID-19, front line workers, and OD. In the first FIVE MINUTES!! So realistic. Way to stay current!!" wrote one fan. "Srsly #ChicagoMed is literally my life rn as a healthcare worker the screenings, the testing the stress & anxiety Thank you so much @WolfEnt & #ChicagoMed for doing such an amazing job," wrote a viewer.








The next episode of 'Chicago Med' airs on November 18 at 8 pm ET on NBC.

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