Russo Brothers' 'Cherry': Release date, plot, cast, creator and everything you need to know about the movie starring Tom Holland

Russo Brothers' 'Cherry': Release date, plot, cast, creator and everything you need to know about the movie starring Tom Holland

After their success with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, directors Joe and Anthony Russo are preparing to work on a brand new R-rated project with ‘Spider-Man’ star Tom Holland. The movie will be an adaptation of Nico Walker’s 2018 debut novel ‘Cherry’, produced by the Russos' storyteller-friendly studio AGBO Films. This will be the Russos’ first major project post 'Avenger: Endgame’.

Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming movie:

Release Date:

Filming for ‘Cherry’ is expected to begin in October. A release date hasn’t been announced yet. Watch this space for updates.


The novel chronicles the life of a young man who drops out of college to enlist in the Army. He goes on to fight in the War in Iraq and returns home suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. The novel follows his decline into opioid addiction and bank robbery. The story is based on author Walker’s own life as an army veteran and his struggle with heroin addiction.


Tom Holland

The young English actor has earned his place in the spotlight with his portrayal of Peter Parker in the MCU. ‘Cherry’ will allow Holland a chance to show off his skills outside of the role and take on a darker, more mature persona.



Nico Walker

‘Cherry’ is a semi-autobiographical novel written by U.S. Army veteran Nico Walker. The 34-year-old author is currently serving an 11-year prison sentence for bank robbery. Walker’s debut novel has been adapted into a script by Jessica Goldberg.


The Russos spoke about the movie and their other future projects during a panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2019. They gave audiences a first look at the title card. The directors also spoke about how the movie is extremely personal for them.

Joe Russo and Anthony Russo speak during A Conversation With The Russo Brothers during 2019 Comic-Con International at San Diego Convention Center on July 19, 2019, in San Diego, California.


"It's a story about drug addiction and the opioid crisis. It's touched us both, it's a deeply personal movie for us. The gent who wrote the book went through the same growth arc in the same part of the city we grew up in — but different experiences," Joe said. ‘Cherry’ is set in Cleveland, Ohio, the Russo brothers' hometown.

His brother Anthony added, "It's a complicated and mature movie. It doesn't have the [same] surface-level entertainment as Marvel films, but these are stories that need to be told, and Joe and I are in that position to get these stories made."

They also spoke about working with Holland and said they would bring him on all their future projects if they could.

While the movie was initially supposed to be filmed in Cleveland, it will instead be filmed in Los Angeles. The change was made necessary because of uncertainty surrounding the Ohio Motion Picture Tax Credit, which offers $40 million in incentives to filmmakers who shoot in Northeast Ohio.


“That is a movie we wanted to shoot here. It’s a story that is set in Cleveland,” Anthony Russo told FOX 8. “But because the Ohio Legislature had pulled the tax incentive for film production here in Ohio out of the budget back in the spring, that sort of sent us into a plan B. And unfortunately, even though the legislature reinstated the tax incentive, it was too late for our production to actually end up here.”


We’ll be bringing you a trailer for the movie as soon as it becomes available. Until then, stay tuned for updates. 

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