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Who is Cherie DeVille? Porn star and 'stepmom to the internet' lands Liquid Death gig

Cherie DeVille, dubbed "stepmom to the internet," promotes the renegade canned water, claiming it a sure method to kill her thirst.
UPDATED APR 14, 2022
Cherie DeVille stars in an ad for Liquid Death
Cherie DeVille stars in an ad for Liquid Death

Liquid Death makes no apologies for its daring marketing. Following a controversial Super Bowl regional ad that made Four Loko blush, the company has enlisted the help of an adult film actor and crew to launch its latest campaign. In a 60-second video, lead actress Cherie DeVille, dubbed "stepmom to the internet," promotes the renegade canned water, claiming it a sure method to kill her thirst.

DeVille then gives a quick rundown of turn-ons and turn-offs, stating that she isn't a fan of single-use plastic that pollutes the environment. What is it that she enjoys? Those descriptions, however, have been bleeped out, leaving viewers to rely on their imaginations. Even with its tagline, "Don't F*** the Planet," the commercial is loaded with sexual innuendo in the form of animated sight gags but eventually falls within the PG-13 rating.


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DeVille, a physical therapist and activist who earlier announced a presidential bid with running mate Coolio, was not chosen merely as clickbait, according to Mike Cessario, co-founder and CEO at Liquid Death, but the label does desire to distance itself from her image. "Statistically speaking, adult film stars are some of the most famous people on the internet," Cessario explained to Adweek. "And since our mission is to bring death to plastic bottles on a mass scale, we need to reach as many people as possible with our message."

Liquid Death has previously collaborated with adult film stars such as Chloe Cherry, Lisa Ann, and Joanna Angel, who directed and appears in the 'Don't F*** the Planet' commercial. The production team was also made up of pornographers.


Cessario claimed the cast members were "over the moon to be involved in a fun video that was not porn and we wanted to show that we do not think sex workers are demons because many are amazing professionals that deserve a shot at gigs outside the adult film industry."

Who is Cherie DeVille?

Cherie DeVille was born on August 30, 1978, in Durham, North Carolina, and is of French-Canadian descent. DeVille grew up riding horses, doing ballet, playing in the band, and even being a cheerleader for a few years on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and in Washington, DC. When she was 16, she was also a member of the swim team and a lifeguard.

Before breaking into the adult modeling industry in 2011, DeVille worked as a physical therapist. She began acting in explicit hardcore films in 2012, and has also worked for Twistys, a well-known pornographic website. In her spare time, DeVille enjoys playing the drums and teaching swing dancing.