'Cheer Squad Secrets': Release date, plot, trailer and all you need to know about the Lifetime thriller

The film is part of ‘Fear the Cheer’ season of Lifetime that will showcase six dynamic new films based on exploring the vicious side of cheerleading

                            'Cheer Squad Secrets': Release date, plot, trailer and all you need to know about the Lifetime thriller
(Reel One Entertainment)

Lifetime is back in action this fall with six dynamic films exploring the vicious side of cheerleading. The movies will be featured under the theme ‘Fear the Cheer’ on every Saturday and Sunday beginning October 3 and will continue till October 18. The lineup of thriller films has ‘Dying to Be a Cheerleader,’ ‘Cheer Squad Secrets,’ ‘Cheer Camp Killer,’ ‘Cheerleader Abduction,’ ‘The Wrong Cheerleader Coach’ and ‘Who is Killing the Cheerleaders?’ Before we venture into the edgy cheerleading movies season of Lifetime, here is all we need to know about 'Cheer Squad Secrets' produced by Reel One Entertainment. 

Release date

'Cheer Squad Secrets' releases on October 4 at 8 pm ET on Lifetime Channel.


As per the synopsis posted by Reel One Entertainment, the film is about a mother who helps her daughter become captain of the cheerleading squad. However, she discovers that someone is giving her daughter mysterious supplements and will do anything, including murder, to cover it up.


David Langlois
David Langlois is a producer-director. His portfolio ranges from working on films, television shows to commercials and music videos. Born in Windsor, Ontario during the mid-’70s, David was as much influenced by films right from a tender age. He was given a camera in his early teens which made him delve into the field of direction at a very young age of just 14 years. 

After completing an advertising degree, and graduating from Vancouver Film School, David ventured into directing two feature-length films back to back. Both of them received international distribution as per his website. In order to further spread his creative wings, David moved into the world of commercials and music videos helming over 100 projects for several international recording artists and brands that gave both mediums his cinematic visual flair. The director's other credits include the film ‘New Year's Kiss’, the movie ‘Deadly Match’, ‘Killer Twin’, ‘Psycho Wedding Crasher,' 'Dirty Wheel’ and video ‘The Hot Karl II’ amongst many. 

The film is produced by company Reel One Entertainment. The company is engaged in finances, production, and distribution of commercial television films and series for broadcast networks and digital platforms. With offices in Canada, the US and Europe, Reel One Entertainment has expertise in scripted dramatic content.  It has Sebastian Battro, Tom Berry, David DeCrane, Breanne Hartley and Louisa Cadywould as executive producers. 



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