'Cheer': The Navarro cheerleaders leave fans in awe with their inspiring stories and incredible skill

'Cheer': The Navarro cheerleaders leave fans in awe with their inspiring stories and incredible skill

Netflix's new docu-series 'Cheer' is not your regular drama-filled show that cashes in on raw emotions. Sure, it follows a group of young, aspiring cheerleaders enrolled in Navarro College trying to navigate through life but not once does it the force the daily soap tropes in its screenplay. 

Monica Aldama, head coach for 24 years at the college, is worried about her top 20 lifting the trophy at the NCA college nationals in Daytona, Florida. And so are her students, who are trying to put in enough and more to bring home the title. 

However, that's just the tip of the iceberg. What these athletes go through regularly is another story — the injuries they suffer from while getting their moves right.

The cheerleading community is one that sets a brilliant example of how life's troubles should be dealt with — you jump, you fall, you get up and move on. 

What's best about the team at Navarro is that they come from humble backgrounds, with some of them having lived a rough childhood.


For instance, Morgan Simianer, a Wyoming girl, was raised by her grandparents after her parents split, mother passed and father moved on with another woman and had children of their own, completely neglecting  Morgan and her brother.

To be put through so much at a tender age and to come out of it stronger, it takes special courage. And her getting a shot at competing at the world's top cheerleading event is life's way of telling her — here's your clean slate!

Meanwhile, fans cannot stop thanking Netflix for airing 'Cheer' because it sort of puts cheerleading at the forefront of sporting events. 

"Everyone, cheerleader or not, should watch this show. It's unbelievable what these athletes put their bodies through and that's just the tip of the iceberg of everything this show touches on. #cheer #netflix," a user tweeted.

"@netflix show #Cheer following the cheerleaders of @NavarroCollege is brilliant. We don't have cheerleading here in the UK, so I didn't know much about it, but wow. Anyone say these kids ain't athletes, I will fight you," another fan expressed. 


"Starting #CHEER on @netflix and omg chills chills chills chills. I know most of my followers won’t get this, but that's exactly why this show was made. Cheer is a sport. Don’t @ me cause I’ll just refer you to my high school cheer coach & you don’t wanna mess with her," a viewer posted on social media. 

The Greg Whitley directed show is streaming on Netflix now.

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