7 celebrities who ended up cheating on their pregnant wives and girlfriends

These celebrity men decided that their committment to their wives and girlfriends was not as important as satisfying their own needs.

                            7 celebrities who ended up cheating on their pregnant wives and girlfriends
Heidi Klum(Source:Getty Images)

The most important part of a relationship is being able to trust your partner and when that trust breaks it can rarely be rebuilt. When a couple is expecting a baby together, it is crucial that the environment is stress-free and happy which may not have been the case when it came to these 7 celebrity mothers. Their partner's decided to leave them in their most vulnerable state to well satisfy their own selfish needs. 

These are 7 celebrities who cheated on their wives/girlfriends while they were pregnant: 


#7 Hank Baskett & Kendra Wilkinson


The NFL star made headlines when it was discovered that he had cheated on his wife Kendra Wilkinson when she was 8 months pregnant back in 2014. The cheating scandal caused irreparable damage to their eight-year-long marriage and the couple is now in the process of getting divorced. They seem hopeful and positive and shared that the split was due to too many differences.


#6 Flavio Briatore & Heidi Klum

Flavio and Heidi dated in early 2003 and she later announced that she was pregnant in December. The relationship between the two ended when a pregnant Heidi discovered that Flavio had been cheating on her and was having an affair with a 19-year-old. Flavio was in his early 50s at that point.


#5 The Dream & Christina Milian

The Dream and Christina Milian started dating when they were working on Milian's fourth album, which was never completed. The two got married shortly after and were also expecting a baby. Just a week before her due date, Milian was shocked to receive divorce papers. It was reported that Dream was dating his assistant at the time and the Press released photographs of them together which prompted Milian to go ahead and sign the divorce papers. 


#4 Eddie Murphy & Mel B

Eddie Murphy and Mel B were dating and seemingly in love until they broke up in 2006. It is believed that Mel B was four months pregnant with his child when he decided to leave her for Tracey Edmonds. The most heartbreaking part of the situation was that after Mel B gave birth to her daughter Angel; Eddie firmly denied that he was the father. 


#3 Kevin Hunter & Wendy Williams

In 2001 Wendy Williams revealed that while she was pregnant with her first son, she found out that her husband and manager, Kevin Hunter, cheated on her. However, Wendy chose to stay by her husband's side and try and work through their marital problems. The couple is still together till this day and Wendy believes that the infidelity made their relationship stronger.


#2 Kevin Federline & Shar Jackson

Back-up dancer Kevin Federline ditched his wife Shar Jackson when she was pregnant with their second child so he could go on to pursue his relationship with Pop diva Britney Spears. Kevin was engaged to Jackson at the time. There were almost no signs or any indication that he would just leave, but he did.


#1 Tiki Barber & Ginny Cha

Football player Tiki Barber decided to call it quits with his wife Ginny Cha while she was pregnant with twins and advised complete bed rest. The couple split up so he could date a blonde woman who was a decade younger than him. Tiki was supposedly shocked when he received divorce papers from his wife, even before the twins were born.