'Feel So High': Chasing Jonah says new single channels her frustration over toxic relationships

Chasing Jonah confirms that her new single 'Feel So High' is the first of three more to come this year with a new album set to drop early 2019

                            'Feel So High': Chasing Jonah says new single channels her frustration over toxic relationships
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Chasing Jonah’s upcoming new single 'Feel So High' will have your mind running through the clouds after just one listen. The Florida-based Indie artist has managed to harness a trifecta of soul, rock and pop in her latest single. The single will also be accompanied by a humorous, cat-themed music video on Friday, July 13, a fittingly spooky release date for Chasing Jonah's ever-so haunting vocals.

‘Chasing Jonah’ is the stage name for alternative-Indie/pop vocalist and composer Ashley Dudukovich. With her haunting vocals and cinematic compositions, Chasing Jonah’s tracks are compared to the ranks of artists such as Florence and the Machine, Of Monsters and Men, and Lana Del Rey. She released her debut album 'Prelude' in 2014. This collaborative and fully-orchestrated project was produced by Brock Berryhill and Evan Coffman (Twenty One Pilots, Tyler Ward, Warner/Chappell Nashville) and featured hit songs 'War Paint,' 'Paycheck' and 'Run'. The album was so well-received that it ultimately launched an unexpected, whirlwind tour.

During the tour, the 'War Paint' music video garnered grand success, with the soundtrack being featured on Nickelodeon’s 'Mysticons' as well as FOX’s 'Lucifer' just last year. Her track 'And the Clocks Moved' is also set to feature in an indie film later this year. With a successful track record already behind her, and her new single 'Feel So High' on the horizon – Chasing Jonah is all set to be center stage and bang in the middle of the spotlight.

Meaww had the chance to catch up with Chasing Jonah via email for a brief interview discussing her upcoming single, the accompanying music video, the stunning success of 'War Paint' and her musical influences among other things. Read the full interview below.

Meaww: Congratulations on your new single ‘Feel So High’. I had the chance to preview it and it felt to me like an inspection of the uglier side of relationships. Could you tell us more about how you wrote the song?

Chasing Jonah: It was written from a place of frustration with myself about my tendency to enter into toxic relationships (both romantic and general friendships), and not being able to bring myself to leave them. Especially with people who could make you feel so good and then so terrible at the same time. I became addicted in a way to the emotional roller coaster they would take me through, the extreme highs and lows. I wanted it to stop, but sometimes I also felt like I deserved the turmoil or I didn't know anything different and was afraid to stand up for myself.

Meaww: There’s also a music video for the same dropping soon which is themed around cats! What’s the story there?

Chasing Jonah: The concept started as a joke when we were in the studio producing the song, and it was about an ambiguous relationship with a cat who decided he would move out. I then decided that I would actually go through with creating it as a surprise. We ordered a giant wearable cat head from a Japanese artist and it ended up being so amazing. We also were able to work some deeper symbolism in the quirkiness which made it even better. I don't want to give too much away because it is definitely worth watching.

Meaww: Your earlier music video for ‘War Paint’ was a huge hit and the song featured on Nickelodeon’s Mysticons as well as FOX’s Lucifer. Was that overwhelming?

Chasing Jonah: It felt very validating and relieving. When I got the news, I was at a point where I was feeling so discouraged after working so hard for such a long time. Lucifer was the first show that the song was featured on and it really helped rocket the popularity of it. It was the boost I needed to push myself to keep going.

Meaww: It’s also set to feature in a 2018 indie film I hear. Can you tell us which film? A few details? Or is it all very hush-hush?

Chasing Jonah: It's actually my song "And the Clocks Moved" that was supposed to be featured. At the moment, the details haven't been released yet. The film was supposed to start circulating film festivals in April, but I think it's been delayed. That's production life for you. Art tends to happen on its own time.

Meaww: It’s been four years since your debut LP ‘Prelude’. Between then and now you’ve put out singles like ’The Sentence’, ‘Weight’, ‘My Return’ and now ‘Feel So High’. Is the new single a sign of a new album coming or are you just testing waters?

Chasing Jonah: 'Feel So High' will be the first of three singles that we will be releasing this year. Our goal is to have a new album out in the beginning of 2019!

Meaww: What kind of music influenced you while you were growing up? When did you make a conscious choice to be a musician?

Chasing Jonah: I really didn't have much exposure to music until a few years after I had started writing music. It began as a form of therapy in the beginning to help deal with my depression when I was in middle school. It eventually grew into my lifeline as it was the only safe place I had and all I cared about for a long time.

Meaww: What kind of music do you listen to these days? Can we have a link to a playlist that you particularly enjoy?

Chasing Jonah: I've been listening to a lot of electropop and ambient indie rock lately. I don't have a particular playlist that I've been delving into, but some of the artists I've been enjoying are Aurora, Borns, Phantogram, Tides of Man, Aisha Badru, and Daughter.

Meaww: If you could pick one artist (dead/alive), who would your dream collaboration be with?

Chasing Jonah: That's a tough question. I have moods and I feel it's a different artist for every mood. Off the top of my head right now, I would love to collaborate with Imogen Heap.

Meaww: What’s the story behind your stage name ‘Chasing Jonah’?

Chasing Jonah: It's a symbolic reference of someone who tends to run from their calling, and how life has a way of bringing them back to it no matter how hard they try to deny it. Music has always been that calling for me.

Meaww: Your music is often compared to Florence + the Machine. Did you get a chance to check out their new album ‘High As Hope’? Any thoughts?

Chasing Jonah: I'm a big fan of Florence + the Machine. I haven't had a chance to listen to the new album yet, but I did see their music video for "Big God" and it was so gorgeous. Thanks for reminding me to take a listen!