Melonie Diaz from 'Charmed' reboot wants peace with the original cast, says: "I hope they can be part of our show"

The original cast isn’t involved and the new show doesn’t have their blessing, it seems, but the 'Charmed' reboot is set to premiere this Sunday.

                            Melonie Diaz from 'Charmed' reboot wants peace with the original cast, says: "I hope they can be part of our show"

Earlier this year in January when CW’s 'Charmed' reboot was announced it caused a lot of controversy because the original cast wasn't included in the new show, and hence they didn't approve of it. 

“I know the show is a big part of their identity, I’m not exactly sure why some of them are not happy,” Melonie Diaz, 34, who stars in the reboot as middle sister Mel Vera told New York Post. When it was announced that the reboot will have a feminist angle, Holly Marie Combs, who starred in the original WB series as Piper Halliwell, took to Twitter and said, “Guess we forgot to do that the first go around. Hmph.” Shannen Doherty tweeted an almost similar message.




“I’m thankful to them and I hope they can be part of our show,” Diaz said. “We’re really open to it. We don’t want a fight.” Apart from this Diaz also stressed and said that regardless of everyone's sentiments, the reboot's sense of inclusiveness is always extended to the original cast members of 'Charmed'. “We would love to have them be on our show,” she says. “I think people would lose their minds, in a good way. That would be incredible if we could have that happen.”

The original 'Charmed' series had a huge following of around 7.7 million viewers for the pilot alone. Apart from that when including the long stretch of 178 episodes, it was also the network's second-longest running drama. It was even the longest-running hour-long drama with female leads, that was until 'Desperate Housewives' premiered and claimed the title in 2012. 


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All set to premiere on Sunday the new 'Charmed' has more or less the same basic plot as the original did. Three sisters, Diaz, Madeleine Mantock and Sarah Jeffery, figure out that they are witches and make use of their powers in order to protect the world from all evil, while they try to balance a regular life of dating and college. 

Well, that is the only similarity that the reboot has with the original series. Apart from that, the sisters are Latina and Afro-Caribbean. The character that Diaz plays is a lesbian and her last name is Vera. The eldest sister Macy does not enter the family until a little bit later in the series. They also have names with M and not P like the original series.